About us

Welcome to my website.

My name is Dimitry Goldovski.
I am a founder at Camovers.

CAmovers Canadian moving company Dimitry Goldovski Chief Executive Officer

My company can help you move locally, across Canada, or to the US. 

I know from my customers’ experiences how much pain you can get. So, let me take away the pain and provide the best flexible services. 

I also cooperate with the best moving companies that offer local and long-distance moving services, cross-country movers, and car shipping services. 

Choose us to cooperate with highly trained and competent specialists.

 You will enjoy the moving process because I win if my customers win. 

I check out all moving companies before sharing them.

You get only the best moving services, at an affordable price.

All you need is to fill out the free moving quote for a few minutes.

Easy and quick

A couple of professional moving companies will get back to you with their moving estimates. You will connect with qualified premium moving companies that have huge experiences because the relocation going every single day. 

I confidently say that you get high-quality services to carry anything:

  • from bulky fixtures
  • to cartons of clothes
  • and even fragile items (such as chinaware safely)
  • and make sure that nothing gets damaged or broken.

You cooperate with highly-rated professionals who assist you to relocate the following:

  • be it a single room
  • one object
  • an office
  • a big house
  • even industrial equipment for commercial plants
  • literally anything. 

Apart from that, you also can move:

  • vehicles
  • boats
  • snowmobiles
  • musical instruments
  • or add other items to your quote. 

Looking for different movers is sometimes a tough task. 

You save your time and money to cooperate with trusted, insured, bonded, and licensed Canadian movers.

Just compare the moving quotes and choose your movers.  
You do deserve the best quality service.