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Choosing a reputable auto shipping company makes all the difference

With years of experience and a solid reputation, Camovers is the company to trust when you’re looking for reliable auto transport services in Winnipeg. Our large database guarantees that we will be able to find a carrier for your vehicle at a fair and affordable price. Our company is dedicated to keeping a list of the most reputable providers who use top-of-the-line equipment and have the know-how to give you a hassle-free experience. If you’re planning on relocating domestically or internationally, we can assist you in making your transition a smooth one.

We make finding car shipping services in Winnipeg easy

Our objective is to assist you in every way possible and provide correct information. Apart from matching you with a car shipping company that aligns with your financial and logistical needs, we'll also provide you with a variety of other benefits, including:

Thorough quality control

Before we bring businesses in, we do comprehensive background checks. Our network also covers the rest of Canada, so you can get access to expert car transporters in Winnipeg.

Efficiency & comfort

The form only takes a few moments to fill out after which the provider will contact you. They are also willing to come to your location, so you can have a completely hassle-free experience.

A variety of options

We can provide you with a list of five automobile transport companies so that you can compare their services. To stay competitive, they'll give you their best quotes for your budget and preferences.

Industry-savvy team

We have nearly two decades of experience and success in the Canadian relocation industry and know exactly what our customers prefer and need.

Seasonal discounts

We utilize a network of trusted auto shipping companies that charge you upfront and provide helpful seasonal discounts for their services.

Favorable reviews

In addition to having positive reviews from the experts, the car shipping providers in our database also boast excellent customer satisfaction ratings to ensure your peace of mind.

Relocate your vehicle seamlessly with our help

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Experience a higher standard of car transport

We work with the finest long-distance and local vehicle transportation services to ensure that our customers in Winnipeg can find the best option for their cars. There’s no need to search for random recommendations, we’ve conveniently gathered all of the relevant information in one place. We guarantee the specialists we match you with are of the highest quality, as they will:

  • Handle your automobile with care and dedication
  • Follow through on their promises and keep to the budget
  • Be upfront about pricing and communication
  • Showcase a list of excellent reviews and a strong track record
  • Transport your car as if it was their own
Why get in touch with Camovers?
Cost-effective & hassle-free booking
Top-rated car shipping services

Industry expertise

By recommending the best movers, our team guarantees a positive experience for every customer.

Comprehensive database

Our extensive database contains top-rated auto transport companies in Winnipeg and beyond.

At your service

Our client-focused team is available at all times to assist you with your queries and concerns.

No hidden fees

The businesses included in our database offer transparent prices without any hidden costs.

Non-binding estimates

We will provide you with accurate pricing estimates based on your preferences and budget.

Quick & convenient

Our easy-to-use booking and quote system provides you with accurate estimates for your relocation.

Prompt service

Every company on our list is committed to transporting your car in a timely and safe manner.

Assistance & Tips

We’ll provide suggestions to help you get the most value out of your auto shipping services.

Positive reviews

We only work with companies that have a history of success and numerous satisfied customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many cars can I ship at once?

The number of cars you can ship at once will depend on the size of the carrier and the specific requirements of the car transportation company. Generally, most carriers can accommodate between four and eight vehicles.

How much does it cost to transport your vehicle via a car shipping company?

The cost of shipping a car via an auto transport company in Winnipeg will vary depending on the size and weight of the vehicle, as well as the distance it needs to be shipped. If you are shipping your car between provinces or internationally, you can expect the price to be much higher.

Can I place items in my vehicle during transport?

Yes, you can place items in your vehicle during transportation. However, we recommend that you secure any loose items to avoid them from shifting during transit and possibly causing damage.

How long will it take to ship my vehicle across the country?

It typically takes around 10-14 days to ship a vehicle from coast to coast in Canada. However, this can vary depending on the route taken and the time of year. For example, shipping times may be longer in the winter due to weather conditions. If you’re looking for a more specific estimate, we will match you with a reputable auto transport service in Winnipeg that fits your needs and budget.

Where can I find the best auto shipping services in Winnipeg?

Camovers has developed a catalog of the most reputable auto transportation companies in Canada. The list lets us match you with the finest car location companies in your region based on your requirements. Our car shipping services operate in various areas in Canada, including ManitobaNew Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Halifax, PEI, Quebec, Montreal, Saskatchewan, and more.

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