How Long Does It Take to Ship Cars From Toronto to Vancouver?

Where can I get assistance with my move in the Greater Toronto Area
Where can I get assistance with my move in the Greater Toronto Area

The total distance between Toronto and Vancouver is around 4300kms. Driving the car across this distance all by yourself would take almost 4 days. This is the reason why professional vehicle shipping services exist: to save you time and spare you the stress of having to drive for so long.

Most vehicles that are moved to Vancouver are brand new cars for dealers. Some are also shipped by private individuals who are moving to a new home. In the following article, we’ll help you plan your move and ensure your car arrives safely by discussing the factors that affect how long a vehicle typically takes to get to its destination. 

How long does car shipping take?

As with all types of travel, there are outside factors that affect how long a trip will take. Major variables include:

Waiting lists

A single car shipment doesn’t require too much waiting time, but it comes at a higher price. If you want to save money, multiple-vehicle transportation is a far more budget-friendly option, but the waiting times can be uncertain. You’ll have to either wait for the carriers to be available, or wait until the carriers are ready for departure.

Weather conditions

Even if your vehicle is ready to be picked up, there may still be delays due to weather conditions, especially during wintertime. Snow storms or closed off slippery roads or blocked roads are some situations that affect the transportation process.

Mode of transportation

There are 3 types of transportation modes available:

Open trailer trucks

If you’re willing to wait for a spot for your vehicle, one option is the open trailer trucking. The length of time for it to be delivered could take up to weeks depending on the route. This is due to pick up and dropping of vehicles along the way. Since routes vary, the company will inform and update you with the important details with regards to your vehicle’s transportation.

Enclosed trailer trucks

Usually comes with a higher price, having an enclosed trailer trucking service will protect your vehicle from outside elements, especially during the winter’s freezing temperature or the scorching summer heat. Since enclosed trailer trucks hold 5 to 6 vehicles at a time, it will only take about a week to reach the destination.

Rail transport

It will take an average of 10 days if you choose rail transportation. Since this is the most popular way of vehicle shipping, waiting time is the down side. You’ll have to wait for an available spot before your vehicle can be transported. If you’re not in a hurry, shipping by rail is the best option.

How long does car shipping take

Where can I get assistance with my move in the Greater Toronto Area?

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