How Long Does it Take to Pack a House for a Move

How long should it take to pack your home
How long should it take to pack your home

Everyone wants their belongings to reach their new home unscathed when moving. For this reason, most people spend the majority of their time packing to ensure the safety of their belongings.

However, moving is already an exceedingly time-intensive process where every minute counts. Therefore, the logical question is: just how much time should you set aside for packing before the best long-distance movers arrive? Keep reading to find out!

How long should it take to pack your house?     

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With so many things to do before movers come, it is only natural that you want to optimize your schedule for maximum efficiency. What you must keep in mind is that packing is the most time-consuming of all moving chores. 

Therefore, you’ll need to discern how much time it will take you so you know when you should start preparing for a relocation. To do that, you’ll have to be analytical and consider several things.

How big is your home?

“One room = one day”. This is a general rule when packing to move. So, no big brain is needed here, really. The bigger your home is, the more time will take you to pack it all. 

That said, don’t forget your garage, attic, and basement. These count as rooms, too, and you’ll need to treat them as such. Also, they tend to be even more cluttered than living quarters, so plan accordingly.

How much stuff do you have?

Again, this is pretty straightforward. The contents of your rooms can vary widely and so can the time needed to pack everything in them. Factors that come into play here are:

  • How many people live in your household? More people = more items.
  • What’s your lifestyle? A person leading a minimalist lifestyle will have less stuff than someone who likes it luxurious.
  • What are your interests? Naturally, if you are a ceramic mug collector, you’ll definitely need more time to pack than a person whose hobby is online gaming.

Do you have help?

Every undertaking goes smoother and faster when you have help. Packing is no exception. In fact, it is a prime example. With only one other person helping you, you can shave off hours or days, even, from your packing schedule. Therefore, lure some friends in with pizza and get packin’.

Are you organized?

If everything in your home is neat and tidy and has its spot then packing will only be a matter of picking things up, wrapping, and placing them into designated boxes. If not, count on spending half a day (or more) sorting all that stuff.

Are you downsizing?

Contrary to popular belief, downsizing adds time to packing – not the other way around. This is because it takes a while to declutter and decide what you do and do not need. And it takes even more to get rid of the excess, especially if you plan on selling it through a yard sale or online.

Who are the best movers in Toronto to help me cut down on packing time?

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