Making a Relocation Checklist 101

How do you make a moving list
How do you make a moving list

There are few life events as big as a whole-household relocation. With so much to think about, so much to organize and so many items to pack, secure, load, and transfer, it’s easy to get overwhelmed in the chaos of it all. Sure, you can dial a number and hire dependable long-distance moving services from Toronto to Vancouver in a minute, but what if you want to save and do it on your own? You create a detailed checklist, that’s what.

How do you make a moving list?

The first rule of the moving checklist is don’t skimp on the details. When creating a detailed log of everything you need to do before your relocation, it’s key to be as comprehensive as possible and prevent the chances of you missing a thing, or several. To give you some idea of what you should do, here’s a comprehensive 8-week moving checklist for you to explore.

Eight weeks out

A two-month preparation for the move is plenty of time to take care of all the things you need to. This long before your relocation you need to focus on the following aspects:

  • Drafting a plan to organize your relocation
  • Setting your budget for supplies and potentially movers
  • Researching and comparing providers of relocation services
  • Requesting the necessary time off work
  • Giving notice to your landlord
  • Potentially exploring the neighborhood you’re moving to
  • Researching schools and the local community

Seven weeks out

If you’ve finished everything during your previous week, it’s time to start tackling the assignments you have for the next week, including:

  • Preparing your household for the relocation
  • Beginning to sort all your belongings
  • Considering and comparing different types of moving insurance
  • Getting estimates from professionals
  • Choosing your movers
  • Asking your friends for assistance if you plan to go it alone
  • Creating a relocation plan for all your fragile possessions

Six weeks out

As your move gets closer and you’re at the month-and-a-half mark before the relocation, consider the following tasks:

  • Scheduling your movers
  • Purchasing moving boxes and supplies
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Contacting your insurance providers
  • Requesting school transcripts for your kids
  • Identifying all relocation expenses which are tax deductible

Five weeks out

You’re nearly halfway there, don’t start losing your confidence now. You need to take care of the following things five weeks prior to your relocation:

  • Setting up new bank accounts
  • Starting to clean out your fridge and pantry
  • Creating a packing strategy
  • Packing a couple of items at the time
  • Confirming stairway and doorway measurements
  • Scheduling and assessing any necessary home repairs

Four weeks out

This is it, only a month left until your relocation. Here’s what you need to take care of:

  • Conducting an address change
  • Updating local and online memberships
  • Throwing away all unwanted and potentially hazardous items
  • Confirming the date with your moving company
  • Arranging temporary housing
  • Scheduling the cancellation of your utilities
  • Booking shipping for your special items and vehicles
  • Starting to seriously pack

Three weeks out

The final month is well underway, so make sure you perform the following duties:

  • Canceling regular services and deliveries
  • Reminding your friends and family about your relocation
  • Servicing your vehicle

Two weeks out

We’re almost at the final stretch, keep going by:

  • Reserving your storage unit
  • Touching up or painting any surfaces
  • Continuing to pack

One week out

This is it, the final week, your nerves are starting to catch up with you, but keep them at bay for just a little while longer. You need to keep up the good work by:

  • Setting up utilities at your new address
  • Checking the forecast on your moving day
  • Starting to defrost your freezer and fridge
  • Creating a cleanup checklist

Moving day

Finally, it’s D-Day, but don’t forget there’s still some work you need to do:

  • Loading your moving truck
  • Packing your car
  • Coordinating everything with your movers
  • Performing a final walkthrough of your home
  • Getting new keys
  • Traveling to your new address
  • Waiting for your movers
  • Unpacking everything and settling in

Which company offers dependable long-distance moving services?

Establishing a detail-oriented relocation checklist is essential, whether you’re preparing for a local, long-distance or cross-province move. Without a comprehensive checklist you’ll be left trying to feel your way throughout the dark. Then, once you’re done, it’s time to choose a reputable moving company to help you relocate by preparing a list of important questions you want to ask and they need to have answers for. Otherwise, keep looking.

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