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long distance movers in Longueuil QC | Best Moving companies across Canada
long distance movers in Longueuil QC | Best Moving companies across Canada

Relocations come with a lot to worry about both before and after the process is done that most people overlook the chance of their belongings getting damaged. However, it is best to add this worry to your list of things to ponder on and find ways to ensure that you do not end up with the short end of the stick once your possessions are delivered to their destination.

Moving insurance is demanded inclusion for all local and long-distance movers that operate with legitimate permits. When working with rogue agencies, it is easy to see that the agents often avoid the topic of insurance altogether. This is because the company does not want to be held liable for any damage to clients’ goods while in their possession.

In some cases, some items might get lost, or the entire load does not get to your new house.
Therefore, it is crucial to bring up the issue of insurance coverage when vetting various entities during the movers’ selection process.

When thinking of overlooking relocation insurance, consider that your goods will be hauled hundreds or even thousands of miles, such as when moving to the USA or from Ontario to Alberta or British Columbia, or any other provinces across the country. With such a long distance to be covered, there is no telling what could happen along the way. Without insurance coverage, the fixing or replacement of goods that have been damaged will have to come from your end. It will most probably burn holes in your pocket considering the fact that relocations are costly to pull off.

In some cases, people make the mistake of assuming that their homeowner’s insurance will extend to any damage that happens to their effects while being transported.
However, not all covers come with the option, especially if the assurance of such a situation is from an insurance broker that even includes a rider to your policy. Even if the moving company in charge of your insurance does agree to such coverage, they may include a lot of limits on what can be covered and the situations where it applies.
Additionally, your rates are bound to go high over the years if you do end up filing a claim with the insurance company.

The issue of insurance coverage can easily be overcome by choosing to work with professional cross Canada movers. Most of these moving companies offer two types of covers.

  • The first option is basic insurance, which is demanded by the law and covers sixty cents per pound of each possession. This option, however, does not allow full compensation for damaged goods.
  • The second one, on the other hand, offers full coverage and is dubbed the premium package. With this option, players get the total value of any item that is not received in the same condition that it was loaded into the relocating truck.

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