How Much to Tip Movers in Canada: A Comprehensive Guide

tips in the jar
tips in the jar

You may wonder how much to tip your movers for the work performed when planning a move across Canada.

Some people think tipping a moving team is similar to tipping any other employees within the service industry — 15-20% of the total cost or higher due to the “tip-flation” phenomenon. But hiring a moving company means different tip policies. Check our guide to find out the average tip amount per mover.  

Should You Tip Movers?

Tipping movers is the way you can say thank you to the crew that helped you to handle your moving process. Tips are an individual thing, so whether to tip a moving team or not is up to your desire. 

In some areas, the service price can be fixed and already included in the final bill, which is why tips may not be so common. Moving is a service industry with slightly different features, so your total cost for moving services does not include tips.

The reason why the tips are common among moving companies is that it is difficult to create a single template for all residential or commercial moves since each relocation may noticeably differ in several factors:

  • Type and size of the move;
  • The total weight of your belongings;
  • The amount of heavy furniture or fragile items;
  • Additional options, such as packing services;
  • The distance between the cities;

The main aspect that should be taken into account when tipping movers in Canada is the time and effort spent by the moving crew. Your total bill and the complexity level between small relocations within the same city and moving across the country to a new location can be markedly different. Also, the type of relocation matters: for example, an office moving to a new commercial building means that professional movers most likely would have to carry and lower a large number of items, furniture and equipment from the upper floors to the first floor, working diligently throughout the moving day. The weather conditions are also an aspect you should keep in mind.

Thus, moving tips are your way to reward the team that you hired for their individual efforts and time to complete your move.

Consideration When Working Out How Much To Tip

As mentioned, there are a number of factors to consider when you want to decide how much to tip your movers. Key aspects to look at before hiring a moving company include:

Complexity of Move

The complexity of the task varies from relocation to relocation, based on the specific moving needs. That’s why, to better understand what your moving day may look like, what moving services you may need, and how complex the process can be, you should answer the following questions:

  • How far you relocate and how accessible your location is to a truck;
  • How many packers and professional movers may you need to complete the job;
  • How many days can the whole process take (from packing belongings to loading them onto a truck and transporting them);
  • How many bulky items, such as heavy furniture and appliances, do you plan to move to your new home?

The answers will clarify how many workers you should hire and how much to tip movers in Canada.

Quality of Service

The next factor to consider is the professionalism of the moving company you hire. Pay attention to how movers perform their work and responsibilities:

  • What time did the team arrive? Is the agreed-upon schedule executed? If the movers are late, then what was the reason?
  • How do workers carry and load your belongings onto a truck? Are they sufficiently attentive to the boxes with the fragile label?
  • Do the movers use something to protect your floor, walls and doorway when carrying out bulky and heavy items?
  • Do movers work effectively or make constant breaks?

Final Moving Cost

Look at your final bill and determine:

  • Was packing included in the total service cost, or did you have to pay for it separately?
  • How many trucks did it take to transport all your belongings?

Additionally, you can estimate your moving budget to understand how much to tip your movers would be enough. It is best to get a free quote before hiring a professional moving company in order to better plan your budget for paying the final bill and cash tips.

Condition of Items After Move

After arriving at a new location, the first thing you need to do before paying the moving company and tip movers is to check your boxes:

  • Conduct an inspection to make sure everything arrived safe and sound;
  • Check the inventory list to make sure nothing is missing;

The quality of the work performed, and the safety of your belongings are among the key factors affecting how much you can tip your movers or refuse to reward the team for a job poorly done.

Distance Moving

Another factor is the distance between cities. 

The more the distance should be overcome, the more time the movers need to finish the job.

For this reason, tipping movers differ when it comes to local relocations and moving long distances since the salary of workers is usually calculated per mover per hour.

How Much Should You Tip Movers?

So, now that we’ve looked at the factors to consider when planning a relocation, we’re asking, “How much do you tip movers in Canada?”

Typically, the move may cost you from $500 up to $15,000, or even higher, and the cost of tipping movers is in the range between $20 to $150 per mover

In more detail, you can estimate how much to tip movers by using the following pattern:

  • If the entire moving process takes less than 4 hours, then the standard tip is usually $20-30;
  • If your move is more complex and requires a full day’s work (about 8-9 hours), then a tip range is $40-50 per mover;
  • If you are travelling long distances and movers need to spend 10 hours or more completing a task, then the tip range could be $50-150, depending on the complexity of the job;

Tip Long-distance Movers

When hiring long-distance movers, the best way is to calculate your tips based on the hours spent on the process.

Among the main reasons are the high cost of such a type of move and the fact that there is a chance that two teams of movers will be handling your move. This means you may have to tip your movers twice.

It is best to find out in advance from your company exactly how many movers, as well as how many teams will be involved in the process. In addition, you can ask your carrier how much other clients usually tip when hiring movers. 

The tip range for long-distance relocation is $50-150, depending on the quality of the work and the complexity of the task.

Tip Local Movers

When hiring local movers, you can calculate how much to tip movers based on the hours spent on the relocation or use the old good rule of 10–15% of the total bill for the service provided.

Short-distance moves within one city and surroundings are usually easier and faster. This means that all the work is likely to be performed by one team of movers, consisting of several members.

You can find out the average tip amount for local relocations from your company in your specific area. Generally, you can tip movers between $20-50 per person.

When Should You Tip Movers in Canada?

Tipping movers occur at the end of your relocation, upon arrival at a new place and unloading your belongings. 

However, if we are talking about long-distance relocations where two teams of movers may be involved in the process, then you can tip the first crew upon completion of their part of the job.

Also, inspect your belongings for damage or loss before tipping or paying a carrier.

When To Avoid Tipping Movers

If the movers were careless with your boxes, which could result in some items being damaged or lost due to the unprofessionalism of the team, you may not tip.

Also, if the crew you hired was rude to you, required tips as a mandatory payment, or treated your property with disrespect, it is best to avoid tipping and contact your moving company.

Other reasons may include:

  • The movers were late without a good reason;
  • The moving team spent too much time on breaks;
  • Not all services you paid for you received;

Payment Methods To Use When Tipping Your Movers

The payment method is best discussed beforehand with the company you hire. The reason is that each carrier may have a different tipping policy: for example, some only allow cash tips, while others may accept different payment methods.

Most often, you can choose between the following options when tipping movers:

  • Credit card;
  • Cash tip;
  • Cheque;
  • Extras (food & drinks);

Other Ways You Can Show Appreciation

Providing Beverages For Your Movers

Beverages are a good way to tip movers, regardless of the season. You can buy cold drinks on a hot summer day to keep the movers refreshed or hot beverages if you move during winter.

Prepare Snacks For Your Movers

Providing snacks is another way to show your appreciation to the movers. As the moving process usually may take a full day and it is physically demanding hard work, snacks provide a quick way to recharge and satisfy hunger. As a nice gesture, you can also order pizza.

Leave A Review

If the movers you hired are true professionals and you are satisfied with the quality of their work, then do not forget to leave a positive review so that more people know about this company.

Refer Them To Your Friends And Family

Referrers are extremely valuable since it is on the advice of others that people often choose a moving company. Referring movers to your family and friends for their relocation is also a good way to tip movers.


The tip amount depends on your desire, as well as the complexity and duration of the move. It’s also a good idea to ask the company in advance how much you can tip to show your appreciation.

It’s worth noting that tipping is primarily a way to say thank you to the team that helped you move, especially if you were pleased with their work.

To ensure a successful relocation, hire reputable professional movers. Ask us about the best companies in your area, and we will help you find expert movers for your needs!


Is $100 a good tip for movers?

Yes, that’s a high tip. Typically, you can give this amount to movers when relocating over long distances, and you are satisfied with the quality of the work done.

Is $50 each a good tip for movers?

Yes, $50 is good enough for both local moves and long-distance relocations.

Is it rude not to tip movers?

No, tipping is a goodwill gesture and a way to show your appreciation for the hard work. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of the movers’ service or you have a limited budget, you can refuse to tip.

Can I tip the movers a beer?

This is worth discussing in advance with your specific movers in Canada. Some carriers may prohibit the tipping of alcoholic beverages. Also, some members of the moving team may not drink alcohol for personal reasons.

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