Why is moving so stressful and how to deal with it?

Abbotsford movers in Canada | Top moving companies in Canada 2021
Abbotsford movers in Canada | Top moving companies in Canada 2021

I work for moving services Toronto as a driver. My job is not only to drive a trailer from one place to another but also to pack clients’ belongings and load them in a truck. My job is a lot about interacting with people every day: you arrive and meet the clients, and very often you do not just carry things around, but you help people to cope with their anxiety. 

I have been working in cross country moving for many years and I learned to understand people’s feelings. I notice that most clients are nervous when you arrive, they are overwhelmed with many tasks and often can’t even explain what they want.

Moving to a new place is exciting, isn’t it? 

People may have very different emotions when it comes to making a change. 

Just think of a situation where you have to relocate next month. Do you feel happy and joyful, and full of new ideas? Do you start dreaming immediately about new ways to decorate your house or new places to visit? Or do you feel scared and fear the worst things that could happen during moving from Toronto to Vancouver for instance? 

It is interesting, if you look at the statistical data, you see that only 10 percent of all people embrace change and see them as natural. Only 10 percent, just think about it! This means that the majority of those who face changes in their lives will find long distance moving stressful. I do not need the numbers to prove that. I see it every day doing my job. People develop attachments to their homes, jobs, things, places, even to their bad habits. Those attachments are very strong, this is why upcoming changes are daunting. Very few people really like changes and see them as new possibilities.

How do you understand that you have stress?

Physical signs of stress may include headaches, chest pains, and an upset stomach. Some people suffer from insomnia or experience a lack of energy, they feel exhausted and unwilling to do things, especially keeping in mind the volume of work you have to do for your long distance moving project.  You can notice it when you look at a person – they rub their forehead all the time and their face is so tense. 

Emotionally, stressed people can become angry and have a hard time controlling themselves. They are restless, they fear that things are getting out of control and keep arguing with you about how to do the job. Each time I have to calm somebody down and assure them that I know how to do my task.

For me, keeping calm is very important. Even a busy moving day may bring you many moments of joy if you learn to manage your stress. Proper planning is a key to success – eat an elephant one bite at a time!

One important thing about moving long distances is that you do not have to do it by yourself.

In Canada, there are hundreds of province to province moving companies offering their services to save your time and nerves. Using professional moving help is a favor to your well-being. And yes, this costs some money. People tend to think that they should not hire helpers to do what they can do themselves. To think of it in a different way, you are paying for your peace of mind and a job well done. 

While movers do their job, you can concentrate on positive things. For example, you can focus on exploring new places, getting acquainted with new communities, starting new traditions, or meeting new people. The long distance moving process is just a moment in your life, and there are new opportunities ahead.

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