How I moved from Toronto to Calgary

Moving to Calgary with Camovers - professional movers in Canada
Moving to Calgary with Camovers - professional movers in Canada

And some things to know when making action like this.

Hi, friends! 

Not so long ago, I got a job offer at a marketing department in a small company in Calgary, Alberta. I was so excited that I didn’t realize that this move would be more complicated than a regular one, as we are still amidst a global pandemic. But don’t worry, here is my story and some ideas that will have you covered when moving from Toronto to Calgary.

Calgary is way nicer than I thought at first and has a large population of people from abroad. Having lived here for over nine months now, I can say that it’s much more than the “cowtown” they call it. It combines perfectly the big city life with the chill, almost family-like community and stunning nature.

This one is significant as the less we travel, the safer we are going to be. When I was looking for an apartment in Calgary, my friend suggested checking out Minto’s Apartments. It was eye-opening for me. When I asked them, they offered me visual samples of all the apartments they have. I was able to choose from numerous buildings and suite types without leaving my couch. 

I got fond of a pretty little apartment At Kaleidoscope, and at once I chose it, after connecting with a Leasing Agent. A trustworthy Leasing Agent makes all the difference when you move to a new province, and luckily, I found mine. A lovely lady, she answered all the questions I had about the rent and how to pay, as well as other specifics.  Next, I was also able to book my movers online at Camovers.

Remember, if you have questions – ask them right away! You will get all the required information once you ask for it.

Change your driver’s license and your health card

I was shocked at how clean and friendly the city is, and I knew that I would need my car here too. I also knew that I would have to exchange my driver’s license once I move to another province. Having an Ontario driver’s license here in Alberta allows you to drive a car as a tourist up for one year. But if you move here permanently, you will have up to 90 days to apply for an Alberta driver’s license

It’s the same story with the health card. Sadly, I didn’t know that I had to register for prescription drugs because my health card doesn’t cover it. It made my move a little tricky as I had to have medication on hand every day and couldn’t skip a day. But fortunately, it all worked out, and I got my insurance quickly. 

Moving Calgary to Vancouver with Camovers - professional movers in Canada

New province – new home services providers 

When moving to Calgary, Alberta, I had to set up my new home services with local providers. Here in Alberta, I found many home services options. Different providers come at different prices, though. In terms of electricity and other home services, I didn’t have much time to research smaller providers or the most affordable ones, so I went with the most popular one – ENMAX. But you can do your own research. 

For internet and television, there are two big providers here: Telus and Shaw. At first, I had my TV and internet services from Shaw, and then I switched to Telus. Both are great, but I prefer Telus more.

Change your address before your move

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Three weeks before my move, I made sure to update my address. That’s how I got all my mail, bills, and subscriptions at the right time at the right place. 

Enjoy the city of Calgary, Alberta

Long story short, I’m here; I did it! The relocation was not that complicated. Now, it’s time to discover the city. I made sure I do it in the safest way possible. Little by little, I started checking out some of the restaurants and shops here, the parks and resorts nearby. Discovering the great places here made me not miss Toronto too much and made my relocation way easier.

To be entirely fair, my move was not that difficult. It wasn’t a rushed move. I was lucky to have had enough time beforehand to prepare myself and get all the information I needed. I was fortunate to have a new exciting job in Calgary. I’ll be honest with you – I am happy living here today! Calgary has slowly become my home, and I couldn’t imagine my life without living in this place anymore.

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