Smooth Transition: Moving from Toronto to Edmonton Guide

Edmonton town view
Edmonton town view

Any long-distance move is something you must be ready for, as such decisions may impact your entire life. The more you know, the smoother and comfortable your move to Edmonton from Toronto will be. 

That’s why we’ve put together a guide to this beautiful festival city, as well as moving services, to give you a better understanding of what to expect and how to hire a reliable long-distance moving company.

Benefits of moving from Toronto to Edmonton

Here are some of the main benefits you can enjoy after moving from Toronto to Edmonton: 

Housing affordability

Edmonton is among the best cities in Canada when it comes to the correlation between household income and real estate prices. 

The median household income in Edmonton is $90,000. At the same time, average real estate prices are as follows:

  • Median home value is ~$397,000
  • Detached home value is ~$487,000
  • The townhouse value is ~$259,000
  • The apartment value is ~303,000

The lowest mortgage rate is  5.19% for 5-Year. 

Education system

Edmonton has excellent public and private schools, as well as post-secondary institutions. The total number of schools in the city is 213. 

An Edmonton move can be a good decision for those seeking colleges and universities. Among the famous institutions are the University of Alberta, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Alberta College of Art & Design, etc. 

Transportation system

Edmonton may offer a convenient transport system within the city and surrounding area. Even though most people decide to use a car, city residents can also enjoy Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) and Light Rail Transit (LRT) to get around in Edmonton. The journey from the southern to the northern suburbs can be completed in 35 minutes.

Also, you can use a user-friendly city Transit app after relocating from Toronto to Edmonton to get to the place you want with comfort. 

As a bonus, you can explore Whyte Avenue, the River Valley, and other places in the city on an electric scooter. 

Raising a family

An Edmonton move can be a good decision for couples with kids. The city has a family-friendly vibe. 

Here, you can get involved in many exciting events, try different activities, go shopping, learn more about the city’s culture and heritage, as well as enjoy tasty food in many restaurants nearby. 

In addition, excellent public school and transportation systems make Edmonton a great option for raising a family. 

All of these benefits are why Edmonton is a convenient city to live in and choose as a possible destination when considering long-distance moving.

Cost of living comparison

The cost of living is perhaps the most important factor to consider when planning a move from Toronto to Edmonton over long distances.

Edmonton is a more affordable city when compared to Toronto. Consumer prices in Toronto are ~6% higher. Housing prices in Toronto are 70-90% higher than in Edmonton. 

The comparison table between Edmonton and Toronto may look as follows:

CategoryEdmonton Toronto
Rental$1200-1500 (1 bedroom)$1700-2200 (3 bedrooms)$2300-2600 (1 bedroom)$3500-4300 (3 bedrooms)
Basic Utilities ~$290-300~$210-220
Transportation (Monthly Pass)$100$156
Car Insurance~$1950~$1600
Fitness Club$64$76
Communication (Mobile & Internet)~$87~$64
Meal In Restaurant For Person~$100~$110
Average Monthly Net Salary (After Tax)$3900$4600

Pros and cons of moving to Edmonton from Toronto

Every city has its pros and cons you should consider before looking for moving services. In terms of relocation from Toronto to Edmonton, here are some factors to take into account:


  • Edmonton is much more affordable compared to Toronto, especially when it comes to housing. This way, you can get extra space in your home at a lower cost.
  • Edmonton is among the sunniest Canadian cities in the summer. 
  • You can enjoy numerous green parks, recreation zones, and the river valley in Edmonton. 


  • Edmonton is a colder place compared to Toronto.
  • Edmonton is a less diverse city than Toronto.
  • Edmonton can offer fewer career opportunities. 

Best places to live in Edmonton

When looking for moving companies to relocate from Toronto to Edmonton, you can pay attention to these places that are best to live in the city. 

Old Strathcona

This is a historic part of the city located in south-central Edmonton. Here you can enjoy a variety of events and festivals, experience the city’s culture and go shopping. Old Strathcona is great for young people.

Downtown Edmonton

This place is best suited for ambitious people who want to build a career and love a faster pace of life. In addition to corporate offices and businesses, Downtown Edmonton also offers a variety of entertainment options.


This part of the city is perfect for families. Hazeldean is a reputable and safe place with many child-friendly activities and good schools available. As a bonus, this area in Edmonton is quite green with tree-lined streets.


Windermere is a quieter part of the city. This place may offer a comfortable and relaxed lifestyle in Edmonton as Windermere is located away from noisy major highways yet close to city amenities and attractions.

Magrath Heights

This place is among the largest residential neighbourhoods. Magrath Heights has easy access to highways, nearby shopping centres, and restaurants. Also, some of the best schools are located here. Additionally, Magrath Heights’ open spaces and parks make it perfect to move with family.

Things to consider when moving to Edmonton

The aspects to consider when moving from Toronto to Edmonton include: 

#1 Healthcare System

Edmonton can offer great public healthcare with comprehensive care and emergency services, as well as an A+ rating Sturgeon Community Hospital. While planning a move don’t forget to register in the provincial healthcare system. 

#2 Culture

Edmonton is a festival city with a rich culture, many restaurants and cafes, and friendly people. So, if you want to integrate into society and fill your life with numerous activities, events, and people, this is the perfect city to move in. 

#3 Climate

Edmonton has a humid continental climate. Summers here are not too hot, but winters are cold. The two main things to know about the city’s climate are that Edmonton is one of the sunniest cities in the summer and one of the snowiest major cities in the winter.

#4 Safety 

Edmonton has seen an increase in crime in recent years. Be sure to consider this factor when looking for an area to live in. You can check the Community Safety Data Portal from The Edmonton Police Service. 

Is it worth it to move from Toronto to Edmonton?

Yes, Edmonton has many benefits to offer. This city is perfect for different groups of people, such as young professionals, couples with kids, senior people, etc. 

Among the main advantages of Edmonton is affordable housing. So, if you want to buy/rent a house with extra space, but pay less than in Toronto, a long-distance move to Edmonton could be a good decision. 

How can I move my stuff from Toronto to Edmonton?

The best way is to hire a reliable moving company with extensive experience, skilled crews, and well-maintained trucks that will arrive at your house on a moving day to help transport your belongings.

Contact CAmovers, describe your moving needs and set a moving date. We will provide you with a list of custom options, including storage services, you can choose from when planning your move from Toronto to Edmonton 

Is it better to live in Toronto or Edmonton?

Each city has advantages, disadvantages, and lifestyles. Edmonton is the best choice if you want to enjoy all the amenities of a metropolis but at lower prices, especially when it comes to real estate.

Also, moving from Toronto to Edmonton may be a good decision if you like a slower pace of life.

Decide to move? Find the best solution

When searching for moving companies to handle your relocation, hire responsible and trusted movers from Toronto with insurance coverage and experience in long-distance moving. 

At CAmovers, we host a vast database of companies across Canada. We aim to connect you with a mover you can rely on since the safety of your belongings, especially fragile items, is a top priority. 

If you want to plan your relocation, fill out an application form to provide us with the details of your move, and we will send you the list of the best Toronto to Edmonton movers you can hire based on your needs, requirements & budget for a positive moving experience.  


Edmonton is an amazing place in Alberta, also known as Canada’s Festival City. With its many opportunities, unique charm, and cultural background, Edmonton is among the popular destinations to move to in Canada.

If you are looking for a beautiful city to relocate to or have already started planning your shift to a new place in Edmonton, feel free to ask us about the moving process. Our consultants will provide you with all the information you need to know to complete your relocation between Toronto and Edmonton in the best possible way.   

Cooperate with professional movers to avoid risks and let your move go just as planned!

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