Moving From Toronto to Vancouver: All You Need to Know

Vancouver town image
Vancouver town image

Any long-distance move requires preparation since relocating to a new destination is always stressful. That’s why the more you know about the differences between Vancouver & Toronto, as well as moving services and the best moving companies, the smoother your Vancouver moving will be.

Discover the benefits of the West Coast and British Columbia before hiring moving companies to make your shift to the Pacific Ocean easy and safe!

Benefits of moving from Toronto to Vancouver

Among the main factors to consider when moving to Vancouver from Toronto are the advantages of this city in Canada. 

Vancouver is well-known as a financial and educational center in British Columbia with great job opportunities and numerous universities and colleges, as well as it’s a multicultural city with an active nightlife, diverse communities, and unique charm. All these make Vancouver moving a good decision, especially if you’re looking for opportunities! 

Since the city is the largest on the West Coast, moving from Toronto to Vancouver has many benefits:

Perfect for Employment

One of the common reasons why people may want to move from Toronto to Vancouver is the job opportunities. Vancouver has a great economy and hosts many factories and large enterprise headquarters, so deciding to move to Vancouver is a good option if you want to start or elevate your career. And that’s why many young people even relocate cross-country to Vancouver to reach their goals.  

The unemployment rate in Vancouver is 5.4%, with a working population of ~2,9 million. High salaries and quality of life are also good reasons to consider Vancouver moving. 

Excellent Education System

Canada ranks high in the world when it comes to education. And the city of Vancouver can offer top-rated education standards with many decent institutions. Whether it’s public/private schools, colleges, or universities – you can find everything here. 

What’s more, Canada is a bilingual country with equal opportunities, thus you can study in both English and French so moving here can be a great decision for people of different ethnicities and cultures. 

Moving from Toronto to Vancouver is attractive for those seeking educational opportunities, making it a popular destination for many students.

The City’s Charm

The vibrant culture, scenic surroundings, clean city, and diversity are reasons why many love Vancouver. This city differs from many others. Everything from lifestyle, work, leisure, and choice of a new residence and neighborhood to live in – here, you can plan your life based on your values and desires. 

Vancouver is diverse, so there is nothing that such a large and unique metropolis on the West Coast cannot offer! The city’s unusual charm and opportunities make moving from Toronto to Vancouver an excellent solution to change your life.

Shopping & Amenities 

With a wide variety of shopping centers, boutiques, cafes, and restaurants, as well as many additional services and recreational facilities, you will not get bored in Vancouver since you can get everything you may need here.

This city has ample opportunities for shopping and comfortable living. In addition, Vancouver’s well-designed transportation system allows you to easily get to different places, either by car or public transportation. Therefore, even when living far from work, you can always get there without problems.

So, if you would like to enjoy a comfortable life and the benefits of a metropolis, then finding a moving company to plan your relocation to Vancouver is a good start!

Pros and Cons in Moving from Toronto to Vancouver

Here are the pros and cons to consider when planning your relocation from Toronto to Vancouver and hiring moving companies. 


  • The city is located in a stunning environment between the ocean and the mountains, with many green spaces, parks, and trails for hiking.
  • Vancouver has a comfortable climate: winters are not very cold, and summers are not very hot.
  • Vancouver is a diverse city when it comes to lifestyle, so you can indulge in different hobbies and find something new here.
  • Job opportunities and high salaries make the city an excellent option for those who want to build a career.


  • Recently, the crime rate has increased in some areas of the city, which should be taken into account when planning a long-distance move to Vancouver and choosing a neighborhood to live in.
  • Vancouver has a more laid-back lifestyle compared to Toronto.
  • Prices for purchasing and renting housing here are high.

Cost of Living

A key factor to consider when planning a move and before you decide to hire movers to make your long-distance relocation is the cost of living.

Vancouver is a slightly more expensive city to live in compared to Toronto. Consumer prices in Vancouver are ~3% higher in Vancouver. Rental prices are ~8-10% more expensive in Vancouver.

Giving an accurate estimate can be difficult due to several factors, including inflation. However, the comparison table between Vancouver and Toronto may look like this:

Housing $2200-2800 (1 bedroom)$3900-5000 (3 bedrooms)$2300-2600 (1 bedroom)$3500-4300 (3 bedrooms)
Basic Utilities ~$170-180~$210-220
Transportation (Monthly Pass)$140$156
Car Insurance~$1900~$1600
Fitness Club$55$76
Communication (Mobile & Internet)~$62~$64
Meal In Restaurant For Person~$112~$110

Best Places to Live in Vancouver

Best areas to choose when hiring long-distance movers to relocate to Vancouver include: 

Main Street

This place is great for people of all ages. Main Street is known for its abundance of shopping options and restaurants, as well as its modern architecture and affordable condos you can rent.


Kitsilano is ideal for those who prefer a bohemian vibe, as well as an active lifestyle with plenty of opportunities for hobbies and creativity.


Gastown is located in the Downtown area. This place perfectly combines old and new and also attracts many due to its historical charm. As a bonus, rental prices are lower here compared to other Downtown areas.

Coal Harbour

Coal Harbor is located in the northern part of Downtown next to West End and is one of the most affluent neighborhoods. This place is perfect for highly paid professionals as well as retirees.

Olympic Village

Olympic Village is located near Downtown. This area can offer many amenities, job opportunities, as well as excellent schools and a lower cost of living, making the neighborhood a great option to move to Vancouver for young adults and couples with kids.

How much does it cost to move from Toronto to Vancouver?

The price for long-distance moving from Toronto to Vancouver may vary based on the moving companies’ rates, additional services (packing, storage containers, etc.), moving date (low/high season), and the size of your move. On average, the cost of the entire moving process when hiring a reputable moving company is between $1800-5400. 


  • If you hire movers to move a 1 bedroom house, the cost could be ~$1400-$2200;
  • If you hire moving company to move a 2/3 bedroom home, the cost could be ~$2700-4500 +;

The cost of moving is mainly calculated based on the weight of your belongings. Check average weight by household type: 

  • Studio – between 1000 – 2000 lbs
  • 1 bedroom – between 2000 – 4000 lbs
  • 2 bedroom apt – between 4000 – 7000 lbs
  • 3 bedroom house – between 8000 – 10000 lbs
  • 4 bedroom house – between 11000 – 14000 lbs
  • 5 bedroom house – 15000+ lbs

The rate is 84 cents per pound. Plus a 22% fuel surcharge and a $55 scale fee. This way, you will get the moving cost less taxes. Extra services and household layouts may affect the price.

Is It Worth to Move from Toronto to Vancouver?

Yes. One of the key reasons long-distance moving to Vancouver is a good decision is the high standard of living. Well-paid jobs with excellent career opportunities, a high level of medical services, developed & diverse neighborhoods, a decent education, and the ability to lead a lifestyle you want – all make Vancouver an amazing place for people of different ages because everyone will find something for themselves here!

How to move from Toronto to Vancouver

The first step is to plan ahead your relocation and contact a reliable & insured moving company to choose the moving services you need, get a free quote, and hire dependable Toronto to Vancouver movers to make your relocation safe and stress-free. 

CAmovers provides a wide range of customizable services to enjoy at reasonable pricing. With the experience, equipment, and the best movers teams, the entire process from A to Z and the 4,300 kilometers between Toronto and Vancouver will be completed efficiently, easily, and without risk.

Contact CAmovers, a reputable moving company, to plan your relocation and start a new life in Vancouver!  


Vancouver is a vibrant city with many prospects and opportunities. Being a large metropolis with diverse neighborhoods, as well as a financial and educational center, Vancouver is ideal for people of different ages, professions, marital statuses, and lifestyles, making moving to Vancouver from Toronto an excellent decision to change your life, fulfill your dreams, and gain new experiences.

Plan your move with the professionals today!

Through the last two years, we have completed numerous moves from Toronto to Vancouver, and that is what we could say: The success of your move directly depends on who you’re planning your relocation with. When cooperating with professionals, you can be sure that your belongings are safe and that everything goes according to plan. Choose your company wisely!

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