Local & Long Distance Moving Companies in Kamloops

Moving to Kamloops BC with Camovers - professional movers in Canada
Moving to Kamloops BC with Camovers - professional movers in Canada

Camovers provide variety of moving services in Kamloops, BC

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Local move in British Columbia
All our professional moving companies will organize a home relocation for you. Movers will take on all the hassle: packing, loading, transportation. For residents of a multi-storey building, our moving members will carry out an apartment move and transfer all things, furniture, and household appliances, regardless of the floor.

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A local office move
A local office move needs extra attention! Are you afraid of the upcoming difficulties associated with moving furniture, office property or equipment? Do you need the services of professional packers and movers? Get a moving quote from professional movers at CAmovers! You will get the best office moving service in Canada!

Cross Canada moving - Long distance movers - residential moving services

Long distance move
Camovers will help you to find the best company for your long distance moving project. Regardless of the distance, our top-rated movers will deliver your belongings safe and sound! Choose professional and efficient movers. It’s all about honesty and transparency – because you deserve the best!

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Cross Canada move
Let professionals handle your upcoming move from Kamloops to any other city in Canada of any size and scope. We know that moving for such a long distance may seem daunting. We are here to help you with packaging materials and equipment and to set the best prices for the services provided.

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Moving to the USA from Canada
Our experienced cross-border movers will calculate for you the optimal transportation option in terms of price and speed. You get all your properties in the new place, unpacked, and furniture will be reassembled.

Professional moving companies at Camovers will cope with any difficulties!

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How to make moving day less stressful

People often have a negative attitude towards moving. This is understandable, because packing, transportation of furniture and belongings require titanic efforts, money, and time. And some still have such associations as rude movers, lost property, nerves, and stress.

Dismantling all your furniture, interior items, appliances, and clothing, packing, loading everything, and delivering to a new place – is not an easy task. But this process does not present any difficulties for a team of professionals. However, there are some tricks and nuances in preparation, which Camovers are ready to share.

  1. Planning. Make for yourself a list of things, furniture, and other property that will be transported. Think over your move plan as accurately as possible. Decide what and where will be in your new home, sketch it on paper.
  2. Pack several boxes with essentials: they will contain the most necessary things that may be required immediately moving to a new home. This can be a set of dishes, personal hygiene items, clean bedding, clothes, and shoes for the first day. Make sure you have everything you need.
  3. Trust the professionals to pack your belongings for your move to Kamloops. In case you want to pack everything yourself, make sure you have all the necessary packing materials. 
  4. Disassemble the furniture and free it from its contents.
  5. Do not plan to move in the evening. Be aware of traffic jams. Moving in the morning will help save your budget.
  6. If you have children, leave them under the babysitter’s care when you move.
  7. Keep all your valuable items (jewelry, money, and documents) with you. This also applies to medicines.

If you decide to use Camovers services for a move to Kamloops, there is nothing to worry about. Camovers find a professional transport company that meets all your needs.

How to help your movers during your move to Kamloops?

Of course, our movers are ready to help with any task, but you can simplify and speed up their work. Here are some examples of how you can do this:

  • Disconnect and unplug all your electronics and appliances. Movers will spend at least half an hour on this, or even more. Do you really want to pay for this?
  • Clear and defrost your freezer. This also applies to all shelves and drawers, all must be freed from the contents. 
  • Disassemble the furniture. This makes it easier to pack and transport. Of course, if you do not know how to do this, it is better to ask professionals for help.
  • Keep out of the way. Intervene in the process only if you see that the movers are doing something wrong.
  • Make your bed move-ready ahead of time. Stripp your mattress and fold up all the bedding. If the movers are packing you up, they’ll only have to stick those blankets, pillows, and sheets inside a box.
  • If you are doing your own packing, then do it before the arrival of the movers. Imagine that a professional moving team comes to transport your belongings to Kamloops, and you are still not ready. 
  • If you are going to transport a car inside a truck, lawnmowers, or any items that run on fuel – drain the fuel, oil, or gas. Movers are not allowed to put in the truck any flammable substances.
  • Reserve a parking spot. Movers will have to carry your belongings far away if the truck cannot park close to your home in Kamloops. It is better to think about this issue in advance: negotiate with your neighbors or simply reserve a parking spot with your own car. The less distance the movers will have to carry your things, the faster they will load everything, and the less you will pay.
  • Exchange phone numbers with the driver before leaving. The driver may have some questions about your cargo on the road. Or you may want to clarify some details with the driver.
  • Know where things go ahead of time! Tell the workers where to put boxes, furniture, and appliances at the new place.
  • Not necessary, but you can treat your team of workers with cold tea on a hot summer day, or a hot coffee on a cold winter day. Ditto for tips if you liked it.

Kamloops Weather Patterns

Kamloops is mostly desert, which means it gets to enjoy more summer months than those of winter, unlike most other Canadian states. With such conditions, residents have established pastimes in fishing in Kamloops Lake while most others indulge in mountain biking and hiking. These activities serve as attractions for tourists throughout the year even with their non-conventional nature. The region does get some snowfall, which brings down temperatures from higher than thirty degrees Celsius to between negative five and negative fifteen degrees Celsius.

Kamloops Trades

Tourism, mining, transport, and education are some of the thriving industries in Kamloops. The locale is also home to big processing firms for raw goods like plywood, pulp, veneer, and copper. The latter is mined in the region.

Healthcare also plays a big role in revenue origination, servicing not only Kamloops residents but also those from neighboring towns. The Royal Inland Hospital, which is the biggest in the locality, serves as the Kamloops’ biggest employment source.

Kamloops Economy

When talking about Kamloops, the tourism sector can hardly go without a mention. The numbers generated from this industry make others look quite shy, even though their numbers are quite impressive as well. One of the biggest years for tourism in the region was 2017 when a market promotion financial blueprint of one-point-eight million dollars saw returns of about four hundred and forty-nine million dollars. The total expenditure of the year also saw a nineteen percent increase while the industry’s impact on the city’s economic state rose by thirty-two-point four percent.

Tourist Attraction in Kamloops

This Canadian city sees more than one-point-eight million tourists per year, and the number increases steadily as time goes by. The fact that they get the most sun in the country throughout the year makes them a hotspot, especially during the cold months. Kamloops’ attractive nature is helped by being extensively rich in culture and environmental resources. A lot of Kamloops folklore revolved around the Wild West, and ranching is a widespread activity. Festivals are also held revolving around the same and other parts of the region’s culture every weekend, the biggest one being the Kamloops Cowboy Festival. The event is held once a year and runs for three days.

Kamloops Sport Indulgences

The convenient nature of its landscape and weather has made Kamloops home to many professional athletic figures from a wide range of fields. Fishing is also big in the region with more than one hundred freshwater lakes that are no more than one hour away from any point within the city. Golf courses are also widely accessible, and the locale is known to have the most courses per caput.

Moving could be just what one needs for a fresh start. If you are planning to, get in touch with Toronto Movers to help you out.

Kamloops Transport System

With numerous major roads crossing through the city such as the Trans-Canada and Yellowhead Highways along with connecting routes to Vancouver, Kamloops is a center of transportation activity. Within the state, bus routes are placed in nearly all points to make moving around easy.

Moving to Kamloops

Kamloops boasts a beautiful landscape with hills rising high all around, eighty-two parks, rich culture, and a well-maintained environment. If you’re planning to relocate to this stunning city, consider letting Kamloops movers handle the undertaking for you.

At Camovers, we specialize in performing a wide range of moving services, including:

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Professional moving companies at Camovers will cope with any difficulties!

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