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Moving to Lethbridge with Camovers - professional movers in Canada

Found on the southern side of Alberta, Lethbridge is a small settlement that boasts of a friendly community and beauty of the surroundings. This town serves as an industrial, transport, and commercial epicenter for the larger Southern Alberta region. The main economic activity for the area gradually changed from coal extraction and drifted to agriculture later in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Moving to Lethbridge with Camovers - professional movers in Canada

Camovers provide variety of moving services in Lethbridge, AB

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A local residential move
All our professional moving companies will organize a home relocation for you. Movers will take on all the hassle: packing, loading, transportation. For residents of a multi-storey building, our moving members will carry out an apartment move and transfer all things, furniture, and household appliances, regardless of the floor.

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A local office move
local office move needs extra attention! Are you afraid of the upcoming difficulties associated with moving furniture, office property, or equipment? Do you need the services of professional packers and movers? Get a moving quote from professional movers at Camovers! You will get the best office moving service in Canada!

Cross Canada moving - Long distance movers - residential moving services

Long distance move (houses, apartments, condos, offices, etc)
Camovers will help you to find the best company for your long distance moving project. Regardless of the distance, our top-rated movers will deliver your belongings safe and sound! Choose professional and efficient movers. It’s all about honesty and transparency – because you deserve the best!

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Cross Canada move
Let professionals handle your upcoming move from Lethbridge to any other city in Canada of any size and scope. We know that moving for such a long distance may seem daunting. We are here to help you with packaging materials and equipment and to set the best prices for the services provided.

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Moving to the USA & Cross border move
Our experienced cross-border movers will calculate for you the optimal transportation option in terms of price and speed. You get all your properties in the new place, unpacked, and furniture will be reassembled.

Professional moving companies at Camovers will cope with any difficulties!

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Reserving the parking spot for moving trucks

In addition to the fact that you must set the exact date of your move-in advance, you need to reserve a parking space for moving trucks as well. Otherwise, your movers would be forced to walk long distances from your house to the far parked truck lifting heavy furniture and your belongings. Obviously, it is a waste of time and energy for you and your movers. 

Living on a busy street could be a problem. In order to prevent unpleasant consequences – reserve a spot near your house ahead of time. Make sure it would be convenient for the driver to park and it should be easy for the movers to load and unload your furniture. “No Parking” signs should be posted before the truck arrives.

When reserving a street space make sure it is an actual parking spot. The spot can be residential, commercial, or something else, but it must be legal to park a vehicle there.

Moreover, you should inform the moving company ahead of time if you live on a narrow street and assume that the truck will not be able to pass!

Moving insurance and how it works

There are three types of moving insurance:

  • Liability insurance.  Usually, liability insurance includes the minimum protection for your goods at no additional cost. Ask your movers about the insurance and how it calculates when you move from Lethbridge.
  • Basic insurance. Another type of insurance is basic insurance. Usually moving companies offer a maximum liability. So your maximum liability will be calculated by multiplying the total moving weight of your items by $0.60.
  • Valuation coverage. When you are moving very expensive items or it’s an office moving project, ask your mover about valuation coverage. This type of coverage could be provided for an additional fee. Based on valuation at the moment of pick-up, the value of your moving item will be refunded in full. When repair is needed, its cost will be refunded in full, if the item is broken.
  • Premium liability coverage. Ask your movers about this coverage too. This insurance guarantees $2 compensation per pound per damaged or lost item.

We cooperate with trustworthy companies who provide a range of moving insurances to suit your needs. Feel free to ask any questions about existing insurances when moving to Lethbridge.

Why not get a bit more information about the city you are planning to move to?

Lethbridge Climate

Summers in this jurisdiction are warm while winters are mild because of Chinook winds. Utmost sunshine in the country is experienced in this area and southwest Alberta. Against common belief, this town is not the windiest in Canada. Temps in this locality fluctuate due to the effects of the Chinook winds.

Lethbridge Education

The quality of education in this locale is up to standard from pre-school to tertiary level. A total of seventeen elementary schools are available, five junior highs, three high schools, and one technical school distributed between the public and Catholic systems. After secondary education, students can enroll at Lethbridge College which also happens to be the 1st public-funded institution of higher learning in the county. Many career-based curriculums are availed to learners. For students seeking a copious all-inclusive education, the university caters to them.

Professional moving companies at Camovers will cope with any difficulties!

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Lethbridge Healthcare

Lethbridge is known to be secure and nourishing to bring up a family unit. This sector hires most of the citizens living in the locality due to its size. The Chinook Regional Hospital not only serves locals it caters to the Sothern Alberta community at large. Up-to-date care services and equipment are available for many ailments. There is a twenty-four-hour emergency service alongside other amenities such as chemotherapy, obstetrics, acute care, and specialized clinics.

Labor Market in Lethbridge

Employers have access to a pool of employees who are well-educated and still in the prime of their life. Over three thousand two hundred students graduate annually from the two institutions of higher learning. Information drawn from the city’s database indicates that this metropolis has the lowest unemployment rate in the province which was five point nine percent in 2016.

Wages in Lethbridge

The median household earnings for residents of this region is seventy-six thousand eight hundred and sixteen thousand, which comes after the national average which stands at seventy-nine thousand one hundred and two dollars. For all domestic sizes in Lethbridge, the average pay is ninety-one thousand, four hundred and seventy-three dollars which are seven percent higher than the national statistic.

The pricing on housing is relatively low and so is the cost of purchasing consumer goods and services. The low tax rates levied in Alberta contribute to ensuring that one has a comfortable lifestyle with a considerable amount of money to spare for other ventures.

Transport and Accommodation in Lethbridge

There are multiple housing options that residents are provided with. Housing designs are many featuring contemporary and old architecture. There are more than forty neighborhoods in the municipality each offering an array of housing options for residents. Movement around the town is smooth and traffic experienced is light. The cycling trend is gradually sipping into this locality offering sustainable alternatives for transport. The transit service is available in the area, and multiple routes connect the various parts of the city.

Industries in Lethbridge

Transportation of agricultural produce, machines, and livestock is done by chain suppliers and logistics firms. The same companies also deal with warehouses, freight services, parts or sales across the country and Northern America.

Agri-business is also a significant contributor to the economy of Lethbridge. This sector sets this jurisdiction apart from the rest in the province with more than one thousand two hundred businesses related to this field.

Technological advancements and innovation are also trends that are fast catching up in the region. Local investors are taking up the automobile software development industry seriously alongside biotechnology, health, new media, geospatial imaging, and virtual reality among others.

Several factors have allowed various industries to thrive in this locality. They include:

  • Favorable revenue rates
  • Dedicated human resource
  • Diversification in the manufacturing industry, etc.

Some of the specialized trailers available in this locality provided by mid-range producers are aircraft engines, gas, and oil tools.

Sports and Leisure in Lethbridge

The region has a decent number of facilities geared towards providing sporting and leisure activities. There are over one hundred and forty fields in eighty different locations for inhabitants and visitors alike.

When planning to move to Lethbridge to enjoy the diverse amenities, Lethbridge moving companies should be consulted for relocation services to help with the many logistics involved.

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