Moving Barrie to Abbotsford

Moving Barrie to Abbotsford with Camovers - professional long distance movers in Canada

Moving is a beautiful reason for joy and an enormous amount of positive emotions. But when it comes to packing, dragging heavy furniture, packing fragile items – all the pleasure blows away. I know how to avoid it!

Moving Barrie to Abbotsford with Camovers - professional long distance movers in Canada

Wanna know the price of moving from Barrie to Abbotsford?

Barrie to Abbotsford is considered long-distance moving since the distance between the two towns is 4,117.3 kilometers. The further away, the more expensive the moving becomes. The price starts from $1006.42 to $9753.66 (with tax). To get a more accurate price, fill In our Free Moving Quote.

I’ll tell you how to get from Barrie to Abbotsford

You will have to transport not only your belongings but also get to your new home yourself. To understand which type of transport is best for you, you should decide on several important conditions before traveling:

  • Do you have a driver’s license? Having it and being able to drive is a significant advantage.

But note that the distance between two overnights must not exceed 1000 kilometers. You need to decide before the trip what is the longest distance between the places where you will spend the night. All stories about how to overcome such a long distance in 15 hours days are a myth. Besides, you will feel exhausted after such a ride.

  • Are you going to travel with or without children? If the answer is with, I would recommend you to focus on car or airplane travel.
  • The number of people who travel with you. There is a direct relationship between this issue and what kind of transport is becoming more profitable.

Below you can see the approximate travel time for different types of transport.

Bus, Plane

  • Bus from Barrie to VAUGHAN – HWY 407 terminal takes ~ 55 minutes
  • Hwy 407 Bus Terminal to Pearson Airport Terminal 1 takes ~ 22 minutes
  • Fly from Toronto to Abbotsford takes ~ 5 hours 22 minutes

Train, Bus

  • Train from Allandale Waterfront GO to Vancouver Pacific Central Station takes ~ 3 days.
  • Bus from Vancouver, BC – Pacific Central Station to Abbotsford Airport takes ~ 1 hour 15 minutes.


The road via I-90 W takes ~ 41 hours of non-stop driving.

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Let’s see if you should hire professional movers when moving from Barrie to Abbotsford

I want to tell you about the different benefits of hiring professional movers. Whether you are short on time or just don’t want to rely on DIY measures when it comes to your move, I’m optimistic that it is always good to consider professional help. 

Moving companies offer: 

  • supplies
  • packing
  • lifting
  • transporting 
  • a range of other services you need but might have trouble doing by yourself. 

It is why I recommend getting informed about all the services your company provides. The best way is to compare movers and know what you are getting for your money. 

And another area to look for when hiring a full-service moving company is damage coverage. Several liability and damage coverage policies protect your belongings while they are in transit. Also, it offers you options in case any of your items break or gets damaged while being moved. I want you to remember that all our moving experts provide an outstanding moving service across Canada. Get a moving quote and compare prices and movers.

These are just a couple of things to keep in mind, and of course, you can always ask for additional information.

Examine your budget before hiring movers 

I know that money is one of the decisive factors for hiring professional movers from Barrie to Abbotsford. Here is why you have to understand the starting prices.

You should already know that moving costs vary depending on: 

  • Distance – charges apply in different ways conditions, and when it’s a local or a cross-province move;
  • Your moving date – as there are on and off-season periods where costs might increase or decrease;
  • Number of boxes, amount of furniture and rooms;
  • The method your company charges – you should note if your company has a set price or charge hourly or by weight.

At Camovers, you can get a moving quote from professional moving experts.

Here’s why you should make your home inventory

Your movers have to know the size of your house and the amount of stuff they would need to move. It is one of the reasons why you should have your belongings noted somewhere. Keeping an inventory will also help you clarify whether or not you need to hire movers in the first place.

So what is this mysterious “inventory”? It is a list where you write down all your goods, their condition, and their estimated value. It is pretty easy to do, but it’s a safety net for you in the long run. You keep an inventory for all the items you need replacing if scenarios like theft or natural disasters occur. It is why I suggest you give as many details as possible about your things when listing them. Remember, you are moving from Barrie to Abbotsford or vice versa; keep the inventory close to you.  

If you ask me what exactly should an inventory contain? This is the answer: 

  • start with your furniture
  • next, add on your electronics
  • appliances
  • valuables 
  • clothes
  • knickknacks 
  • anything! 

When speaking valuables, I do not refer to jewelry only. Valuables include various collectibles, artwork, basically anything that costs more than $100 per pound.

Important: if you are not sure that you can disassemble and assemble furniture without damaging it or without a significant investment of time – contact professional movers.

Life hacks when moving from Barrie to Abbotsford

Grab your boxes for free from local stores

Boxes are a moving essential! It is why to save money, and the environment, go around your neighborhood and look for free boxes. These can be boxes from grocery stores or any other stores that might have thrown them away anyway. Or these can be boxes your friends and neighbors are getting rid of, so just look around, and you’ll indeed find some.

 Eat your food.

I understand that you don’t want to throw out your food or move it with you. My advice is to create a meal plan a couple of weeks before your relocation, so make sure you put to use as many of the products in your home as possible. You can worry less about pantry items because these are relatively easy to carry to your new place. 

Start a donation pile while packing.

When it comes to moving that far, like from Barrie to Abbotsford, there’s an unspoken rule – carry to a new place only what you need. Consider creating a donation pile the moment you start packing. Here you can gather all the items you would like to donate. It will make your move more accessible, and maybe some of your things will find a new home in the hands of those who need them more.

Prepare the parking spot for your movers.

Make sure you have all the paperwork your movers may need to park the moving truck. You should try to provide the truck with enough space in front of your new home, especially if you are moving to an apartment building. Also, you should consider getting a Certificate of Insurance and talk all things through with your landlord. 

Have cash for moving day

It is always better to tip your movers, even if these costs won’t be on your moving fee. If you need an idea on how much to tip your movers, take about 15 to 20% of your quoted amount. It is why I’d suggest you have enough cash on hand on the planned day.

Car Shipping options when moving from Barrie to Abbotsford

Here is the best way you can bring your car, regardless of the location you are moving to.

Moving Your Car With Your Household Goods

You should know that your car can be moved in the same truck with your furniture. At Camovers all our moving members offer a car transport service. It will cost you extra, but it will keep your car safe.

But there is a big chance you will be pleased by choosing this option. Just imagine:

  • you don’t have to spend hours and days on the road; the driver will do all the work for you
  • your car will not be damaged on the road; it will not wind up extra kilometers on the odometer.
  • you don’t have to take responsibility for those who sit in the car
  • spend a couple of hours flying instead of days on the road

That sounds like a good idea, right?

I got constructive ideas on how to protect your floors.

When moving from Barrie to Abbotsford or any other city in Canada, you relocate a lot of furniture. It could be heavy and bulky closets or any other items that might scratch your floor. I have a good idea of how to protect your floor on pick-up and delivery. 

  • Utilize old blankets or rugs

It’s a must to protect your floor regardless of what type you have. It is why I recommend covering your feet with a protective layer. It will not only keep the excess water and dirt away, but it will also protect your floors from scrapes, dents, and scratches.

Your moving gives you an excellent opportunity to put to use all of your old rugs and blankets. Whether you wanted to replace them for a long time, or they just slowly came out of use, they will make an excellent protective layer. Don’t forget to use fixators if necessary. They will secure your blankets and will also prevent slip-and-fall situations.

  • Use floor runners

If you ask me what exactly are floor runners? Floor runners are self-adhesive coverings made of neoprene or carpeting. 

And what do you use them for? You use them to protect your floors as best as possible. They also have a non-slip surface on the bottom that prevents them from moving or sliding anywhere. 

And if you ask me how to protect wood stairs during a move, floor runners are an answer for this as well. You can purchase them from online retailers or specialized stores, as they are perfect for protecting most areas of your home.

So I’d say that there might be only one disadvantage to floor runners – their price. Not that they are crazy expensive. But if your budget is tight, you might not want to use them. You can replace floor runners with thick cardboard pieces left from your packing.

How to find expert movers to move from Barrie to Abbotsford or other cities in British Columbia?

At Camovers, we specialize in performing a wide range of moving services, including hassle-free local moves, professional cross-border moving, and the top-rated cross-province moves.

Barrie is just one of the cities we serve in Ontario and across Canada. Our major moving directions:

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