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Make your relocation easy and safe with professional movers from Calgary to Vancouver. Select between many companies and services in British Columbia to find the ones that suit you best. Contact us and get a free quote.

Why search for moving companies from Calgary to Vancouver through us?

Hiring reliable and experienced professionals is among the essential steps when planning Vancouver moving. However, reputable relocation specialists aren’t always easily found, especially when you’re considering moving long-distance. Luckily, our expertise is in matching our clients with trusted long-distance moving companies that offer flexible service packages at various price ranges. Forget about the relocation stress and get in touch with the team that will handle your transition from Calgary to Vancouver with utmost care and dedication.

Calgary to Vancouver moving services

We’re not only acquainting you with a moving company and seasoned packers and carriers. With our help, you can enjoy several benefits and make your relocation effortless by cooperating with the best Calgary to Vancouver movers.

Local moving service

Enjoy efficient local moving services in British Columbia and Calgary with reliable providers. We work with the best movers only so you can be sure all your belongings and fragile items will be delivered to the new location safely, in time, and at a reasonable price.

Commercial moving

We can offer you the best Calgary to Vancouver movers & vice versa for your commercial moving. Ensure maximum protection for your office equipment and documentation during the entire moving process with the commercial relocation services we provide.


Enjoy reliable long-distance moving services with our Calgary to Vancouver movers. We constantly update our carrier's database to make your moving process easy and hassle-free, no matter the distance between British Columbia and Alberta. All your belongings will arrive timely and safely with our moving service!

Cross-border moving

If you’re considering moving from Calgary, Alberta or Vancouver, British Columbia to the USA, we can offer experienced cross-border relocation providers. From moving supplies and packing services to trusted movers and well-equipped trucks, our partners will accomplish your move without a problem!

Car shipping

Have your vehicle professionally shipped inside the truck with our Vancouver or Calgary movers. Enjoy reliable car transportation services with insurance coverage by cooperating with reputable movers.

Storage services

Our partners provide short- and long-term storage services in British Columbia, Alberta, and across other communities in Canada. Enjoy secure, climate-controlled facilities for your needs.

Book with some of the best moving company & streamline your relocation from Calgary to Vancouver.

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Moving from Calgary to Vancouver could be easy!

When you decide to relocate from Calgary to Vancouver, or, conversely, are planning to move from Vancouver, it’s essential to have experienced professionals by your side. Here at Camovers, our experts are devoted to eliminating the uncertainty and helping you find ideal Calgary to Vancouver movers that can meet all your relocation requirements and budget.

As we strive to promote only the highest standards, the experts we refer to you will:

  • Handle your personal items with great care
  • Respect the deadlines and conduct all tasks on time
  • Comply with your budget limitations
  • Price you upfront without unexpected surcharges
  • Boast a great track record & loyal clientele
  • Communicate with you in a respectful way

Cooperate with trusted and well-skilled movers from Calgary to Vancouver with us to get the best long-distance moving services you need.

Why rely on us for finding the best moving company from Calgary to Vancouver?

Quality control

We perform our Calgary and Vancouver movers quality checks every couple of months to guarantee a carefree and safe relocation for you.

Quick and simple

We provide user-friendly online forms, free estimates, and communication systems to make things easier for you at every stage when hiring Calgary to Vancouver & vice versa movers.

Myriad of options

We offer a myriad of Calgary and Vancouver movers from our database to help you find a moving company that meets your budget and needs.


We comprise experienced professionals and cooperate with reputable movers to give you the best recommendations.

Fair rates & great discounts

We partner with services that price upfront and offer fair rates, and you can also count on great discounts when planning your move from Calgary!

Reputable movers

We work with foster and client-focused moving companies to keep the trust of our clients and guarantee safe and convenient relocation.

Why team up with Camovers?
Money-saving solutions
Dependable moving companies

Industry-savvy team

We have trusted veterans on our team, which allows us to be in tune with the industry trends at all times.

Comprehensive database

Over the course of a decade, we have compiled a detailed database of the finest relocation providers.

Great communication

Our well-informed support team is ready to answer your inquiries and provide you with valuable suggestions.

Budget-friendly options

We’ll supply you with a variety of quotes from trusted firms that meet your requirements and budget.

Free price estimates

Our quotes come without obligation and you can easily obtain them by filling out a convenient online form.

Always accessible

You can always access our forms and communication system from any internet-capable device.

Timely arrival & delivery

All long-distance moving companies in our database are known for their punctuality and consistency.

All-Canadian enterprise

Our goal is to support the Canadian economy by promoting locally owned and operated businesses.

Strong track record

Apart from extensive industry experience, the firms we work with also boast 5-star customer ratings.

Moving from Calgary to Vancouver and beyond

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you weigh your belongings for moving?

Whether your plan is to relocate to a 3 bedroom house or a studio apartment, knowing the approximate weight of your belongings is crucial. Experts use the industry average based on the typically used furniture and appliances.

  • For example, a 1-bedroom house or apartment in Calgary usually weighs in the range of 450 and 1350 kilograms.
  • When you plan to relocate from a 2-bedroom apartment or a house in Vancouver, the total weight ranges between 1350 and 2700 kilograms
  • A regular 3-bedroom house weighs in the range of 2700 and 4500 kilograms

Please note that this is the industry average. You might have bulky items or antiques that can add up to the final weight. Fortunately, you can rely on our weight calculator for individual pieces of furniture or appliances.

How do I find a good local mover?

There are many ways to find local & long distance movers. If you have the time, you can rely on referrals and reviews. However, if you want to be on the safe side, you can rely on an extensive database of Canadian relocation.

How much does moving cost from Calgary to Vancouver?

The final price will be determined by the overall distance between your home in Calgary and the drop-off location in Vancouver. Another factor will include the overall weight of the cargo, as well as additional services you might need from your selected moving company. To get a quote, you can rely on our free online form, or give us a call.

How long does it take to move from Calgary to Vancouver?

The drive time from Calgary to Vancouver is approximately 11 hours, excluding stops and detours. Since the process also includes preparation, packing, and loading/unloading, it’s best to leave it to a trustworthy and proficient long distance moving company. Camovers can help you get in touch with reliable providers. This way, you’ll be able to catch your flight, train, or bus without having to be behind the wheel of the truck for the whole day.

How long in advance should I hire movers?

Whether you’re moving to Calgary from Vancouver or the other way around, it’s best to hire movers at least two months before your relocation date. However, you can also book your move a few weeks before the relocation. In this case, contact our agent to find out if there are any companies available earlier, as sometimes we do have free spots.
Either way, booking a good team well in advance ensures you get the date you desire and you can also get a nice discount, which is a big plus

How can I save money on a long-distance move?

The easiest way to make your relocation cheaper is to try and reduce the total weight of the cargo. The best approach is to systematically declutter your home, and sort items into four piles: sell, donate, and trash. After that, it becomes pretty straightforward. Items you don’t manage to sell, go into the “donate” pile, and items you can’t donate go into the “trash” pile. This way, you’re strengthening your move budget and expediting the process.

What to do when moving from BC to Alberta?

Relocating from Vancouver, BC to Calgary, AB is considered a “long-distance move” and is much more intricate than local relocations. Therefore, the primary thing you should focus on is finding a reliable team that can take care of most (if not all) of it for you. The best option, by far, is to opt for a full-service move, as doing so allows you to fully focus on your destination and a stress-free beginning of your new life.

Who knows the best moving companies in Calgary & near me?

Whether you’re switching your family residence from Acadia, Calgary to another part of Canada, or need help relocating your business from Downtown Vancouver, you want to have a reputable team that can help you with every aspect of the process. With Camovers, finding that team is beyond easy.

We spent a full decade compiling an exhaustive list of the finest relocation companies within Canada to make your search for the perfect team a breeze. You can count our comprehensive database if you’re on the lookout for

  • Efficient moving assistance from Montreal to Toronto,
  • The best relocation options for moving from Calgary to Vancouver,
  • Savvy long-distance movers for your Toronto-Vancouver relocation,
  • Reliable local relocation teams across Canadian provinces and territories, and more,
  • Additional services, such as furniture disassembling, packing materials, unpacking, etc.

To obtain a list of quotes from established moving companies near you, fill out our user-friendly online quote request form today!