Moving From Quebec to Vancouver

Moving From Quebec to Vancouver

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Moving to Vancouver with Camovers - professional movers in Canada

How much does it cost to have movers move you from Quebec to Vancouver?

It’s a long distance between Quebec and Vancouver, and it differs depending on whether you are traveling by land or air. The air travel distance between Quebec and Vancouver is 3,803 km, and the driving distance is 4,803.5 km. The average cost of hiring a professional mover for an interprovincial move starts from $1,450 to $15,290. 

What is the best way to get from Quebec to Vancouver?

You are probably wondering which is the best way to get from Quebec to Vancouver. If you’re planning on moving soon, you’ll need to decide how you’re getting to your new home. Fortunately, you have a choice!

By Car

For the record – the driving distance from Quebec to Vancouver is 4,807 kilometers (2,986 miles). You can get there via I-90 W, the road takes about 2 days non-stop driving. 

By Plane

When choosing a way to get from Quebec to Vancouver, I advise you to give your preference to this type of transport. Moving takes a lot of time and effort, but you can save time and spare your nerves by flying on an airplane. The total duration of the trip is approximately 8 hours (includes two hours transferss).

By Train

Traveling by train has many advantages too. Compared to traveling by plane, traveling by train can be cheaper; you can relax, listen to music, talk to family and friends and not worry about the road – all the work is done by the driver. The duration of this method is about 3 days. By the way, the road runs through America. So if you’ve always wanted to visit the USA, this is a great opportunity.

Important: if you are not sure that you can disassemble and assemble furniture without damaging it or without a significant investment of time – contact professional movers.

What is the inventory list and what to add to it when moving from Quebec to Vancouver?

If you’re hiring movers, it’s important to note everything that will be moved on the truck. A moving inventory list helps you to be sure you haven’t left anything behind and to avoid hours of looking for a specific item when unpacking. Still do not believe it is worth the time and effort it takes to create it? Let me show you some benefits!

  • You’ll be able to choose the right type and amount of packing materials you are going to need;
  • Get a picture of your possessions to understand better which items you want to take to your new home and which ones to get rid of;
  • Keep track of your belongings. You’ll be able to go through your inventory list and make sure that all the boxes, pieces of furniture, and other possessions were delivered;
  • You’ll be able to unpack quickly and easily after the relocation.

Whether you’re going to pack your things yourself or hire professional packers, an inventory list can help you move from Quebec to Vancouver without stress.

Should you hire a professional packing service? How does it work? 

There are different options for organizing a move from Quebec to Vancouver. You can try to cope with this task yourself or call the professionals to entrust them with the most difficult work. So how do you know if you should use the services of experienced, trustworthy packers?

Self-packing has a significant plus – the cost. It’s cheaper to pack your things than to hire a pro-moving team. If you have a limited moving budget, it could be better to pack yourself. But remember, if you use only part of the services, then you will share the responsibility for the quality of the move with the moving company. The carrier will only be responsible for the things that are packed and transported by its employees. Self-packed items are your responsibility. If something happens to them – for example, your dishes break due to the box being unsuitable for transporting personal belongings – you will have to cover your losses yourself.

Our experienced, knowledgeable moving companies in Quebec and Vancouver ensure a high degree of safety and reliability for every job they do. You know you can count on their skills to keep a wide variety of things safe. From keeping clothes and bedding dry and safe to preventing scratches and chips on furniture. Skilled moving teams know how to get the job done especially well.

Using the service of professional packing means you have nothing to worry about. You don’t need to lose your time to pack your belongings and spend it on other tasks and responsibilities days before you move. You also don’t have to deal with buying packaging materials and securing fragile items. Using packers means you can leave the job to professionals.

How to choose the insurance plan? 

When moving to Vancouver you will be covered by Basic Liability Coverage. What does this mean?

  • This type of insurance is designed for the owners of goods and cargo transported by various modes of transport and allows you to compensate for losses associated with damage or loss of cargo, regardless of the presence or absence of the carrier’s fault. Reimbursement is calculated by multiplying the weight of a damaged/lost item by $0.60. Basic Liability Coverage is included by default in your quote with no extra charge.

Premium Liability Coverage:

  • Unlike Basic Liability Coverage, you’ll be compensated $2 per pound per item. The cost of Premium Liability Coverage is 3% of the total weight of your cargo. 

Valuation Coverage:

  • This type of coverage applies only to goods packed by the movers. According to this plan, items should be refunded in full (in the case if the item is no longer functional) or the cost of repair should be refunded in full. Damaged or lost boxes will be compensated at the rate of $2/lb. The cost of Valuation Coverage is $0.11/lb of the total weight of your load.

You can decide on a cargo insurance contract at any time before the start of the moving process. Insurance conditions depend on the type of cargo, route of movement, and other factors. All these conditions are spelled out in the insurance contract.

Professional moving companies at Camovers will cope with any difficulties!

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How to pack fragile items such as glass or ceramics.

Any blow to or falling of a fragile item can lead to cracks, scratches, and other unpleasant consequences. Let’s talk about how to pack fragile items properly for a move from Quebec to Vancouver.

  • Do not try to place fragile items in the box that do not fit its dimensions. 
  • Do not place things close to each other. 
  • Do not transport fragile items in plastic bags. 

The optimal container for transporting glass and other fragile items is a cardboard box. It protects against mechanical damage and vibration while driving on the road;

To pack fragile items, use proper packing materials – bubble and stretch film, corners to protect collected items in a cardboard box;

Moving to Vancouver can be quick and cost-effective by using our service for searching professional moving companies. Our trustworthy moving companies will provide you with all the necessary packaging material. Camovers also provide services you might need besides moving itself: such as packing, disassembly, etc. Camovers help to save your time and ensure the safety of your belongings.

How to help movers on a moving day?

Have you decided to move from Quebec to Vancouver and use the services of professional movers? Then you should have warned your moving company about all the nuances such as narrow spans, high floor, inoperative elevator, lack of parking space, hard-to-reach access to the courtyard, etc. Actually, for any professional transport company, this is already quite enough to do their job efficiently. But, have you ever wondered how to help movers when moving? Is it necessary to help the movers or you can relax and drink some tea in the courtyard? Check out our tips on how you can help movers to make their tasks easier and speed up your move from Quebec to Vancouver.

  • Stay out of the way. Your movers are professionals and know what they’re doing. Do not try to carry the sofa with them, you can hurt your back by lifting heavy items the wrong way.
  • Make sure your pets and kids don’t get in the way of the movers
  • Be ready before they arrive: pack your staff in advance, clear the space from clutter. 
  • Prepare your electronics: unplug everything you own and sort cables. 
  • Prepare some refreshments for your movers. A cold drink on a hot summer day can greatly facilitate the efficiency of your moving team. 

And remember that the best help for the movers will be your courtesy and patience. Thanks to this, your move from Quebec to Vancouver will be successful!

How to protect your home when unloading household goods?

Moving with all the furniture is always associated with a headache. All things must be properly packed and secured so that they can be transported to a new apartment or a house without damage.

Property damage during unloading is a pretty common occurrence. And the main reason is not usually related to the carelessness of the loaders, but the incorrect packing or fixing of goods, and the absence of floor runners. Fortunately, if you follow the following advice and rules you can safely move furniture to your new home in Vancouver and reduce all unpleasant consequences to zero.

  • Choose a professional moving company. Much of the property damage happens as a result of inexperience or improper item handling. 
  • Use floor runners. The most vulnerable element of each home is the flooring. Cover it with special floor runners or cardboard, cloths, and plastic sheeting. This will reduce the risk of scratches and chips.
  • Invest in moving blankets. Sharp corners of your furniture can hit and damage walls, floors, and even ceilings in a new home. In addition, the furniture itself will be damaged.

If you’ve already found a professional moving company, your movers will handle this for you.

How to find expert movers to move from Quebec to Vancouver or other cities in British Columbia?

At Camovers, we are ready to perform any moving service you might need. All our professional moving experts will help you with small and large residential and office local moves, any type of cross-border moving, and will deliver exceptional long-distance moves in all directions across Canada:

Contact Camovers now and enjoy a hassle-free relocation!

Moving from Quebec to Vancouver could be a great experience! Let Camovers accompany and help you during your exciting move!