Moving Toronto To Langley

Moving From Toronto To Langley

Moving to a new town is always exciting. So many new experiences are yet to come! But you don’t know where to start your relocation, do you? Let’s begin with the necessary basic information! 

Moving Toronto To Langley with Camovers - professional movers in Canada

The distance between Toronto, ON, and Langley, BC is 4,329.9 km. The price for a long-distance move like this may vary from $890 to $7700.

How to get from Toronto to Langley

There are three ways to get from Toronto, ON to Langley, BCby plane, train, bus, or car. You can choose the most suitable option below and compare travel times.

The first option: By plane

Fly from Toronto, ON to Vancouver, BC, includes 1 hour 15m transfer and will take 8 hours 18m.

  • You should spend 25 mins on the train from Toronto to UP Express Pearson Airport. Your flight from Toronto (YYZ) to Vancouver (YVR) will take ~ 5 h 20 min.

And this is not the end of your trip: There are three transfers ahead of you by two trains and a taxi.

  • After arriving at the airport, you need to hop into the underground and go from YVR-Airport Station Platform 2 to Vancouver City Centre Station (~ 24 min).
  • From Vancouver City Centre Station, take a subway from Granville Station Platform 2 to King George Station Platform 2 (~ 37 min).
  • And the final push – a bus ride from King George Station @ Bay 5 to Langley will take (~ 33 min).

It seems that the road will take a long time and will be very difficult, but trust me – this is the fastest way to get from Toronto, ON to Langley, BC.

The second option: By train and bus

Are you terrified of the idea of flying? Then road transport is the best option for you. But do not forget if you decide to choose the road that crosses through the United States of America. Verify COVID-19 border restrictions and read travel advice and advisories before going.

  • You should start your trip by train from Toronto Union Station to Windsor (~ 4 h 17 min).
  • Take a taxi from Windsor to Detroit Amtrak Station ( ~ 12 min)
  • From Detroit Amtrak Station, take a train to Chicago Union Station ( ~ 4h 59 m) and then change a train from Chicago Union Station to Spokane Amtrak Station ( ~ 37h 25m )
  • Then take a bus from Spokane to Kettle Falls ( ~ 2h 10m )
  • Another taxi is waiting for you. Go from Kettle Falls to Grand Forks – 1512 Central Ave

( ~ 6 h 25 m)

  • You are almost home! Only 6 hours 25 mins to go, and you are at Langley, BC. A bus from Grand Forks to 1512 Central Ave to Langley, BC – 8660 200 St will drive you safe and sound.

Do not forget to enjoy the scenery from your window, believe me – it’s a stunning view.

The third option: By car

Are you passionate about driving? Do you like to explore Canada? Does public transport bring too much hustle and bustle while you travel? Is your answer “yes” to all questions? Then enjoy your drive to Langley, BC, without complaining about the loud noise, multiple transfers, and fear of being infected with COVID-19.

As I mentioned before, the distance between Toronto, ON, and Langley, BC is 4,329.9 km. Traveling such a long distance by car will take about 43 hours of non-stop driving. But of course, you have a wide variety of hotels on the way to your home. Your road via I-94 W and I-90 W will cross USA borders, so be sure that you’ve read all restrictions and rules regarding COVID-19.

Important: if you are not sure that you can disassemble and assemble furniture without damaging it or without a significant investment of time – contact professional movers.

How to stay safe on a road trip during the Covid-19?

In these uncertain times, everyone should be careful and responsive. When it comes to your health and the health of people around you, you should do everything possible to lower the risk of spreading the disease.


Good planning and sanitizing are necessary for a long drive. Take the research a step further if you don’t want to run into some temporary closures.

  • Confirm your hotel and other reservations in advance, as well as opening hours and other logistics, to avoid any unwelcome unpleasantness.
  • Check most current coronavirus-related restrictions in Canada and the USA. You may need to have a negative COVID-19 test or quarantine.
  • Check your vehicle before you go.
  • Pack snacks and water to limit stops. Eating in your car or outside, away from other people, is your safest option.
  • A long road trip is unimaginable without a first aid kit. Read what should contain a first aid kit.

Hygiene on the road

  • Keep your hands and surfaces clean and sanitized. Ensure that you have hand sanitizer, disinfecting wet wipes, disposable gloves, sealable disposable plastic bags, and tissues in the car and every purse.
  • Wear a mask in all indoor public places.
  • In this case, if you don’t have disposable gloves use a piece of tissue or paper towel to minimize contact with surfaces.


  • If you want to dine in a restaurant  – except that the number of guests is limited. There may not be a free table for you. The best option is a takeout service or drive-through restaurant.
  • Complimentary buffet breakfasts are no longer available in some hotels. Be prepared for the grab-and-go option.


  • You have a long way to travel and have to stay in a few hotels overnight. Make sure that you maintain social distance and all measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Professional moving companies at Camovers will cope with any difficulties!

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How to prepare your home and yourself for move day?

  1. Complete your packing before the movers arrive or call us, and we will send out our professional packers.
  2. Reserve a parking spot
  3. Inform us of any changes that could affect loading day.
  4. Get rid of clutter
  5. Move anything off the porch and walkways which may obstruct the movement of your goods out of the home.
  6. Be respectful towards the driver and movers. They fall over themselves, trying to make your relocation as smooth and fast as possible.

Things movers want you to know

To make your moving day more smooth and productive, let me describe some things your movers want to know:

  • If you don’t want to pay for a full-service move, make sure you finish packing before they show up. The job will be much easier if the house is entirely ready to be put on the truck.  Pack in advance; in this case, they won’t be needing wait for you to finish.
  • Carry valuables and primary essentials with you. Moving professionals don’t want to take such responsibility or be accused of losing such items.
  • Don’t pack items like books in one box. Heavy items should be divided into several packages because they could be challenging to carry.
  • Make sure that your movers have a free parking place for enough time. Being issued with a parking ticket would waste their time and your money.
  • Label each box with its room of destination. It will help your movers unload more efficiently and save time.
  • You must warn your movers if something is fragile or requires gentle handling.
  • Don’t go too far; your movers may have some questions.
  • Take everything out from your desks, drawers, and armoires. Their contents can spill out during transportation and cause damage.

Are you interested in what happens when a relocation specialist comes to your home?

The first question that you could ask: “Why is this necessary?”. And the response to that is. If you want to get an accurate estimate, the relocation specialist needs to come to your home to complete a visual survey of your items. He will calculate your furniture’s approximate weight, packing cost, and all possible charges related to your move. Show everything that is out of view, point them out to the moving specialist. Every item in your house should be visible to provide an accurate estimate.

An invaluable piece of advice – get rid of all items you do not plan to move to Langley. Redundant items take extra space in the truck. On loading day, there may not be enough space for your shipment.

Are you wondering what payment methods are available?

You can use:

  • Cash,
  • Interac E-transfer
  • or Credit card.

Discuss these options with our customer service representative beforehand. If the method of payment is not established in advance, it can cause problems during the move.

How will you know when your shipment is going to be delivered?

A customer service representative will call you to establish the date and time. All the trucks could be tracked by our crew, so you will always know where your belongings are. Your driver will notify you before delivery.

Common reasons to relocate to Langley?

Are you not sure that Langley is the right place for you? Let me describe for you the benefits of living here:

  1. Unbelievable low price for housing. Buy your brand new condo for as low as $199,000.
  2. Langley is only 20 minutes away from the ocean beach! Langley perfectly combines country and city life. Even though the town is full of rodeos, the nightlife is very active. Spend your weekends drinking craft beer or riding a horse – it’s all up to you! This town is a unique blend of farmland and modern living.
  3. A paradise for hiking lowers. Langley is surrounded by the Coast Mountains and has lots of hiking trails.
  4. A wide selection of restaurants is available for you! The prices will surprise you because it’s much lower than in Vancouver!
  5. Langley has created walking communities. Here you are going to see a parade of parents walking their kids to school every morning. It’s hard to find elsewhere, right?

Who to hire professional moving companies from Toronto to Langley?


Langley is just one of the cities we serve in British Columbia and across Canada. You can also depend on us for full-service moving in Moncton, efficient cross-province moves in Toronto, and the leading long-distance moving services in Regina or Calgary.

Contact Camovers now and enjoy a hassle-free relocation.

Professional moving companies at Camovers will cope with any difficulties!

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