Moving From Windsor To Toronto

Moving Windsor to Penticton with Camovers - professional long distance movers in Canada

We are ready to organize your move from Windsor to Toronto and provide a range of individual services depending on your needs. Entrust to find a professional moving company to experienced specialists and enjoy all the benefits of cooperation with Camovers. Fill in a free moving quote and a comfortable and inexpensive move will become a reality for you.

Moving Windsor to Penticton with Camovers - professional long distance movers in Canada

Moving Cost from Windsor to Toronto

The average moving cost from Windsor to Toronto is from $1900 to $4200(taxes included). The more services you order from the company, the more expensive the move will be. 

You may need: 

  • assembly and disassembly of furniture; 
  • packing and unpacking services; 
  • moving heavy and bulky items; 
  • arranging furniture. 

The distance between cities and the time of the truck driver on the road also affects the move. By the way, the driving distance from Windsor to Toronto is 371.6 kilometers.

Major ways to get from Windsor to Toronto

If you’re planning on moving from Windsor to Toronto Ontario soon, you’ll need to decide how you’re getting to your new home. There are a few options, you can choose the most suitable one!

By Car

This is an excellent option if you have a car and enjoy driving. Toronto could be easily reached by car via ON-401 E and ON-403 E, the road takes about 4 hours without making any stops. Do not forget to add extra time to check out interesting places, and eat delicious food along the way.

By Plane 

You can save time by flying on an airplane. The total duration of the flight from Windsor (YQG) to Toronto (YYZ) is approximately 1 hour

By Train

There is a direct train from Windsor to Toronto. The total duration of the journey is about 4 hours. Traveling by train is a great opportunity to lean back, enjoy the scenery out the window and relax. 

How to find professional movers?

Moving for such a long distance requires a professional attitude. Rather than fully manage your move I advise you to hire a trustworthy company. It will allow you to relocate without spending extra time, money, and nerves.

  • Firstly get recommendations from family and friends you know and trust. For sure, some of your friends and family will recommend proven companies.
  • Start your google research, read reviews on homestars.com and mymovingreviews.com.
  • And the easiest option is to fill in the moving quote. Depending on your needs, Camovers will help to find the best moving company.

Did you know that some companies have a minimum charge?

Don’t forget to ask. Usually, the minimum charges depend on the shipping weight when you move across Canada. Before you book a moving service, it’s a good idea to calculate the total weight of your move. You might find some of the companies have a minimum charge of 450 kilograms (approximately 1000 pounds). At Camovers, we will offer to check the approximate weight by using the online weight calculator.

Remember that early planning will help you save money during a long distance move. It works especially if you complete early tasks such as packing and labeling.

Professional moving companies in Windsor will cope with any difficulties!

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How early should I schedule my long-distance move?

Cross Canada moving - Long distance movers - residential moving services

Once you decide to move from Windsor to Toronto – it is time to start looking for a professional moving company and schedule your move.

The earlier you schedule your long-distance move, the better your chances of landing at a booking time that is convenient to your needs.

Don’t forget that during the peak months such as June, July, and August, for example, they are frequently booked to capacity.

We advise you to schedule the cross Canada summer moving project 2 or 3 months in advance.

I will explain to you how to ensure your load before moving

No matter how the movers try to protect your belongings during transportation, occasional damages like scratches and dents may occur. For such cases exists the damage or loss claim policy. I advise you to read it attentively before the move.

  1. Basic liability coverage. As mandated by the Department of Transportation, your moving company should offer the $0.60 per pound waiver and release damages or losses. The basic liability coverage is extended at no additional cost.
  2. Premium liability coverage. When you file a claim, you’ll be compensated $2 per pound per item. The cost of premium liability coverage is 3% of the total weight of your load.
  3. Valuation Coverage. Although the standard coverage is $0.60 per lb., when a damage claim is accepted and processed, typically, our company will have the damaged furniture piece repaired by a professional furniture repair company we contract. If an item cannot be repaired or is lost, a replacement piece can be purchased. It is a coverage plan for up to $30.000. From what I know, the Valuation Coverage applies only to items packed by the movers.

Necessary: Premium and Valuation Coverage plans don’t apply to antique items (over 50 years old). Contact your moving agents to inquire about the cost of this coverage plan.

Quick to-do list before moving from Windsor to Toronto

You are very excited to move into the new house, impatient to start packing and leave as soon as possible. There are a number of things you need to do before moving. I want to share a quick to-do list before moving from Windsor to Toronto, ON:

  1. Get a moving quote and compare the prices with other companies. You will be surprised how prices may differ from one to another.
  2. Set out your budget. There are many money financial factors to consider.
  3. Notify your landlord. State the date and time you are moving out. It is very important because your homeowner may require to give him at least 60 days’ notice when moving out.
  4. Start packing beforehand or entrust it to our specialists.
  5. Moving with kids is always tricky. Among other things, you need to find a new school/kindergarten for your child in advance. Besides, it is necessary to notify school officials of your move, so that you can begin the enrollment process.
  6. Do not forget to cancel supplies of electricity, telecommunications networks, and other public utilities.
  7. Purchase moving insurance to avoid any unpleasant consequences.
  8. Notify your bank.
  9. Contact your health insurance provider, you may need to update your policy.
  10. Sell your seldom-used belongings. You won’t need it in your new home but many stores will gladly accept second-hand items. Donating is also a good option.

How to find expert movers to move from Windsor to Toronto or other cities in Ontario?

At Camovers, we are ready to perform any moving service you might need. All our professional moving experts will help you with small and large residential and office local moves, any type of cross-border moving, and will provide exceptional cross-province moves in Windsor, Toronto, and other cities across Canada.

Camovers – is a network of professional moving companies across Canada. Contact us if you are moving from a townhouse near Windsor’s Community Museum or if you need to relocate your belongings to the new place near the Toronto City Hall, or even when you moving to a brand new apartment close to Royal Ontario Museum.

Contact Camovers now and enjoy a hassle-free relocation.

Professional moving companies in Windsor Ontario will cope with any difficulties!

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