Moving Kitchener To Ottawa

Moving Kitchener To Ottawa with Camovers - professional long distance movers in Canada

Moving to another city is an easy way to leave the past and start a new life. Let’s see how to move and what to consider when changing your place of residence.

Moving Kitchener To Ottawa with Camovers - professional long distance movers in Canada

What’s the cost of moving from Kitchener to Ottawa?

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, what’s the cost of moving? The answer depends on multiple factors like the volumes, distances, and the need to carry things up the stairs or in the elevator – the final price depends on these factors.

But I can give you a rough price range: the cost of moving starts from $840.00 (the lowest price with tax) and ends with $6250.00 (the highest price in my experience).

How to get from Kitchener to Ottawa

Unfortunately, movers will only transport your belongings, and you will need to get to your new house on your own. So how do you do this? 

By Car 

If you have a car, it is best to take it to Ottawa. The driving distance from Kitchener to Ottawa is 541, 3 kilometers and the road via ON-401 E takes about 6 hours of non-stop driving.

By train

There is another option to travel. Take a train from Kitchener to Toronto Union Station (~ 1 hour 31 minutes ). Then change platforms from Toronto Union Station to Ottawa (~ 4 hours 35 minutes)

By Train and Airplane

And the last but not least option: 

Take a train from Kitchener GO to Brampton GO (~ 1 hour). Then take a bus from Brampton, ON, to Toronto Pearson International Airport (~ 10 minutes). And the final push – fly from Toronto to Ottawa (~ 1 hour)

Important: if you are not sure that you can disassemble and assemble furniture without damaging it or without a significant investment of time – contact professional movers.

Top 8 reasons to relocate

Moving to another city opens up great opportunities for better jobs, more comfortable or improved living conditions. Let me describe some common reasons to relocate:

  1. To get a quality education. Many ambitious people come to the capital to get well educated, improve their professional qualifications, and undergo training with the best specialists in their chosen field.
  2. To find a decent job. Jobs are the top reason people move to another city. Are you searching for higher wages or a career move? If the answer is “yes,” then moving is a good idea!
  3. Quality medical care. Taking care of your health is an excellent reason to move. Small towns cannot offer their residents the services of highly specialized doctors.
  4. You are chasing adventure and changing scenery. “Travel is the greatest science, and serious science helps us to rediscover ourselves.” – Albert Camus. Indeed, sometimes it is simply necessary to change the place to get a new life experience. It’s an opportunity to expand your circle of friends, start a new life. If you believe that this will help you break the current stalemate, it is worth moving.
  5. Negative experience gained in your city. If you had the severe drama of a personal relationship or the loss of a loved one, it is not easy to cope with painful memories from every little thing that comes to hand. Moving can have a positive effect on regaining your optimism.
  6. Move close to your soulmate.  Today, a lot of people get to know each other via the Internet. Such communication often develops into a serious relationship. As a result, one of the lovers has to make a difficult choice.
  7. Children’s needs. If you have children, the lack of good schools or kindergartens may lead you to move to another city.
  8. Culturally enriched life. Theater performances, film premieres, fashion exhibitions, and rock band concerts are just part of the diverse cultural life enjoyed by residents of large cities, especially capitals. The other inhabitants of the province can only dream about that.

Things to do before moving

  • Get rid of unnecessary things.
    Go through your stuff a few weeks before moving day. Indeed you will find clothes that can be donated to charity, sold through websites, or given to those in need. The same applies to dishes, furniture, and electrical appliances. You will save space in moving boxes and tune in to a new stage in life.
  • Measure furniture and appliances.
    First of all, you need to decide what kind of furniture you will take with you. It depends on what is in your new house, what will fit, whether it makes sense to transport bulky cabinets. After measuring cabinets, beds, and appliances, you can imagine the cargo volume because furniture takes up the most space. Measure openings to make sure that the piano or wardrobe will pass through the doorways of your new apartment. As I said, unnecessary bulky items can be sold or given away.
  • Find professional movers.
    If you need to move quickly, and there are many large and heavy things, it is better to ask for help from professionals. Look at reviews on the Internet and ask close friends who have recently moved. 
  • Pack your stuff.
    Do not postpone packing until the last days, do it in advance without fuss and rush. I do not recommend packing your essentials such as towels, toothbrushes, toilets, make-up bags. One more piece of advice: sign each box to make it easier for the movers to unload them. A great idea is to use color-coded stickers; by using them, you can assign belongings to different rooms. For example, consider blue stickers for the bedroom and red for the kitchen. It saves time on rearranging things.

Professional moving companies at Camovers will cope with any difficulties!

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How to prepare kids for moving

Moving is always stressful for both adults and children. I’m going to share with you tips and tricks to make it easier. 

  • Discuss the move with your children

Based on my experience, I can say – the essential part of preparation is talking about it. Provide your children with detailed information and try to explain each step concerning the upcoming move. Answer the questions comprehensively and truthfully, and be prepared for adverse reactions. Children may be intimidated by the changes taking place, even if moving means improving their quality of life.

  • Stay calm 

Even if you are not happy about the move, try to maintain a positive attitude towards it. Parents’ bad moods, negative attitudes, and views can significantly affect children. Note that your children are most likely looking for reassurance and support during moving.

  • Say goodbye to the old place.

Very important to end the relationship with the previous place and people. Have a good-bye party (it is a great option, but it takes time and energy to get ready).

  • Bring meaningful gifts with you.

Take with you a toy or an object that the child will associate with the last place of residence. If your child is in kindergarten or school, then a great idea would be writing and exchanging sugar cubes (small remarkable sentences written on paper) with friends & classmates.

  • After moving day

After you move, tidy up your child’s room first. Also, try to maintain a usual eating and sleeping schedule to give your children a sense of comfort and stability.

From what I understood: we adults stress about moving and how difficult it is more than our children. It’s vital to listen to the child and clarify that mom-dad is also worrying and uncomfortable.

Is it a good idea to transfer your car inside the truck?

Camovers have a stress-free solution to relocating your vehicle. You probably don’t realize that you can ship your car inside the truck. In this case, movers will load your vehicle onto the truck and then pack your belongings. And if you ask me about the advantages of this type of car transfer, I would answer:

Among the benefits are the following:

  • High reliability and safety. Transportation in a truck provides reliable protection against all kinds of external influences. This option will guarantee the security and integrity of your car.
  • Reliability is guaranteed since Camovers have experienced and accurate drivers who can cope with tasks of any complexity.

Of course, you have one more option – driving it by yourself. It’s good to choose especially if you are moving a relatively short distance. 

Tips to avoid stress moving into a new house

Moving to a new home is always exciting but commonly accompanied by stress. I’ll tell you how to cope with the stress of moving. 

  • Minimize the number of belongings you have to move.  As I said earlier, by eliminating everything you haven’t used in the last year, you can avoid stress. The fewer belongings you have to move –  the less headaches you will have. 
  • Get organized. Sort out your possessions before packing, gather plenty of packing materials and make an inventory list. 
  • Prepare the essentials in advance. I bet you don’t want to open sealed boxes looking for a toothbrush and shampoo. Pack a box of essentials you will need right after the move.
  • Ask for help. Don’t sacrifice your health by lifting heavy items. Even if packing seems too exhausting and time-consuming for you, consider spending money on professionals to do it. 
  • Write down all ‘What If’ scenarios. You should think about all possible things that could go wrong and then come up with a plan b.

Difference between moving for seniors and moving as a student

Moving can be stressful for both seniors and students, but often older people go through it more difficult. From my experience, I can say that older people have much more belongings than students. It’s imperative to offer any assistance they may need, whether they are downsizing from a big house to a smaller one, making the transition to a retirement community, or moving and storing items during home renovations. Camovers are here to offer any possible help.

Ways to keep business running as usual while you move

Packing boxes and a new workplace await you and your employees, but everything will be ready only in a few days. How to avoid such a situation? I have some suggestions for you.

  • Shorten your moving time as much as possible. You can do it by hiring professional movers, of course. Prepare everything in advance and plan your move to reduce downtime. The sooner you settle in, the faster the work process will begin.
  • Rent a temporary workspace. This option is available a few days to a month and will allow your business to run as usual with a stable internet connection while the new office is being set up. 
  • Test the facilities in the new office. Sometimes things don’t go as planned. If something in a new place does not work, it can stall the working of your business for days or even weeks. 
  • Put everyone on notice. Make sure employees are well prepared for the move so they can adjust their project schedules. Existing clients should also be ready for your office to move. Let them know ahead of time. Advertise your move on your website and social media pages.

Who should I hire when moving Kitchener to Ottawa or other locations in Ontario?

At Camovers, we specialize in performing a wide range of moving services, including hassle-free local moves, tailored cross-border moving, and the best cross-province moves in Canadian cities. Our streamlined services are available across Canada, so don’t hesitate to contact us whether you’re moving from your home near Conestoga College or need us to relocate your items to your new residence near the Rideau Canal.

Contact Camovers now and enjoy a hassle-free relocation.

Professional moving companies at Camovers will cope with any difficulties!

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