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Choose between top-notch moving companies from Montreal to Toronto to find the best movers for your needs and budget with CAmovers. Upfront pricing and free quote included!

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Founded in 2003, CAmovers is an all-Canadian business that connects public and private customers with experienced movers whose offering and methods align with their needs and budget.

Whether you’re moving from Montreal to Toronto or vice-versa, or anywhere else within Canada and even the United States, you can count on us to match you with reliable firms that take pride in the quality of their work and have your best interests in mind.

Moving from Montreal to Toronto is simple with our moving services

We know how difficult it can be to find a dependable moving company from Montreal to Toronto. That's why we've built a straightforward and intuitive system to help you pick expert Montreal movers with no special effort on your side!

Local moving

Get your belongings transported safely with a reliable local moving company. We partner with expert residential movers to complete your relocation risk-free and at a reasonable cost. Enjoy the best moving service within Montreal or Toronto moving.

Commercial moving

Our database includes many top-rated commercial moving companies to ensure your equipment, documentation, and office furniture will be transported safely and on time. Whether you’re moving to Montreal, or Toronto and GTA, we can make it real!

Long Distance

Moving to Montreal from Toronto can be difficult. But cooperating with the best long-distance moving company will make it much easier. Choose the services you need and enjoy long-distance moving while the experts do their job.

Cross-border moving

Avoid any risks and unpleasant surprises by hiring our cross-border relocation providers. Take advantage of comfortable and stress-free moving long-distance experience with professional teams.

Car shipping

Enjoy trusted car shipping services. Our carriers can safely transport all your vehicles to the destination point to complete moving to Toronto from Montreal in the best way to meet your specific needs!

Warehouse services

We can offer secure, climate-controlled warehouse services across Canada from our partners. So, if you might need storage for some of your belongings and fragile items when planning residential moving within your city or considering options for Montreal to Toronto moving, we are here to help!

We make moving from Montreal to Toronto as easy as 1-2-3

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Finding professional movers Montreal to Toronto

Whether you’re relocating within Montreal or going all the way to Toronto, having a competent and experienced crew can go a long way toward ensuring everything goes smoothly. Here at CAmovers, we can introduce you to not one, but a whole list of such crews! All of our moving Montreal-Toronto teams and partners we work with are known for:

  • Carefully handling their customers’ belongings
  • Staying within the stipulatory budget & schedule
  • Using flat pricing & providing accurate estimates
  • Being positively rated by their previous customers
  • Treating their clientele with care & professionalism

Why search for moving to Toronto from Montreal through us?

We strive to provide our customers with trusted moving from Montreal to Toronto services to guarantee their safe, hassle-free, and cost-efficient relocation.

Rigorous vetting

We conduct quarterly screening checks to offer you reliable moving Montreal to Toronto services only.

Abundance of options

We provide our customers with the most suitable moving options which meet their budgets, needs, and requirements.

Fast & stress-free

We cooperate with multiple relocation vendors to ensure your short or long-distance moving is fast, convenient, and risk-free.

Competence & dedication

We have provided moving services for 15+ years already. That's why we have a deep understanding of processes and enough experience to meet your needs and solve any problem that may arise during your moving Montreal-Toronto or even cross-border relocation.

Frequent discounts

We partner with many companies, so you may be lucky to get special deals and discounts when hiring us for your move.

Beloved by customers

We consider our customers' needs a top priority. That's why we partner with trusted, customer-focused companies to make your moving to Toronto or Montreal a hassle-free experience.

Why hire Camovers?
Quick & affordable
Quality moving services

Well-informed team

We’re a group of industry pros who understand the relocation business down to the nuts and bolts.

Competitively priced

We’ll match you with businesses that charge fair prices and offer frequent discounts and special deals.

Punctual & reliable

To work with us, a business must abide by the agreed-upon schedules and respect our customers’ time.

Versatile database

We have a huge database that includes hundreds of moving services in Montreal, Toronto, and the region.

Multiple free quotes

You will be able to take your pick from a list of no-obligation estimates from trusted providers.

Proudly Canadian

We make it our mission to support our country’s economy by strictly working with local moving companies.

Always ready to help

Our office staff is available to address any concerns, answer questions, and provide recommendations.

Saves you time

Our user-friendly online form enables you to request a list of quotes in just a few minutes from any device.


We’ll never recommend you a relocation vendor that hasn’t been rated highly by their past clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you prevent damage when moving?

Your long-distance movers will take special precautions to ensure your belongings stay safe throughout your trip from Montreal to Toronto. These precautions include:

  • Covering the floors with runners to protect them from nicks, scrapes, or dirt.
  • Padding tight or sharp corners on walls and furniture.
  • Covering staircases with furniture blankets to prevent damage.
  • Providing packing supplies such as boxes and bags that protect your belongings.
  • Preventing damage to flooring and heavy furniture by carrying it rather than sliding it across the floor.

How do I talk to my movers?

Many elements should be covered when you’re planning a relocation from Montreal to Toronto or the other way around. Your short or long-distance movers will want to know the following:

  • The layout of your new home. Are there any stairs, narrow hallways, or other access restrictions that will make it hard for them to carry your belongings in and out?
  • Truck accommodations. Where will the truck be parked in the new area? Will this parking spot be free or will it have to be paid for?
  • How many floors do your new and old homes have? This will determine how many workers are needed and whether special hardware should be brought along.

How do I pack my garage for moving from Montreal to Toronto?

First, dispose of flammable or otherwise hazardous materials. Paint, fertilizer, and pest control products aren’t allowed on the trucks. Other things to keep in mind include:

  • Ensure lawn furniture cushions are packed properly to avoid damaging other boxes.
  • Wrap items like hammers or saws in towels, then put them in a tool chest.
  • Ensure your inflatable pool toys are fully deflated.
  • Drain the gas out of your grill or mower before transporting them.

Should you tip your movers?

It’s not necessary, but it’s highly appreciated. If you so decide, you can tip your short or long-distance movers in-person, or leave a note and a tip for them somewhere where they’ll easily see it when they arrive to pick up or deliver your stuff.

Which quality moving companies offer relocations from Montreal to Toronto & beyond?

At CAmovers, we’re a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who specialize in connecting our clients with established relocation vendors. We can help you find trusted long-distance movers in Canada and the best cross-border services to provide you with the following benefits: