Moving Toronto To Moncton

Moving Toronto to Moncton with Camovers - professional long distance movers in Canada

We all know that frauds surround us everywhere, but there is a way you can protect yourself. And we are here to help you when moving across Canada!

Moving Toronto to Moncton with Camovers - professional long distance movers in Canada

I'm going to tell you the actual price of moving!

If you are going to move, your first question will be: how much will the move cost me?

I answer: the price for such a move starts from $924.02 (with tax) and ends at $8558.30 (with tax). But I have to mention that every move is different and I gave you a very rough price. If you want to know an accurate price, fill in Our Free Moving Quote!

How to get from Toronto to Moncton?

When planning a trip, you will face the problem of choice: what is the best way to travel? There are three options, and I will describe all of them:

By Plane

  • Take a train to get to the airport, or you can go there by shuttle bus.
  • The flight from Toronto (YYZ) to Moncton (YQM) is about 2 hours 20 minutes.
  • After arriving at Moncton Airport, take a bus to Moncton city center. 

By Train 

Are you afraid to fly? Then you will love traveling by train. The total duration of the journey is 23 hours 34 minutes (includes one h transfer)

  • Start your journey from Toronto Union Station and take a train to Montréal (~ 5 hours 11 minutes)
  • Take another train from Montréal to Moncton (~ 17 hours 23 minutes)

By Car

There is no need to deliver your car in a truck. Getting to Moncton on your own is the best option! The distance between those two cities is 1 532,1 kilometers, and the road will take 15 hours.

  • Your route will go via ON-401 E, Route Transcanadienne/Autoroute 20 E and Trans-Canada Hwy/NB-2 E

Whichever option you choose, please read the requirements about traveling during COVID-19.

Important: if you are not sure that you can disassemble and assemble furniture without damaging it or without a significant investment of time – contact professional movers.

I have advice on how to choose your movers

I know for sure that all your belongings are valuable; some are expensive, others have emotional value. That’s why you should opt for a reputable and reliable moving company. Not every company will handle your belongings with the same care. 

What’s a good point to start at? 

My advice is to check if the planned moving company is licensed. Proper licensing will keep you at a relative distance from scammers and incompetent movers. Also, I recommend you to get a moving quote at Camovers when moving from Toronto to Moncton. You should get at least five different moving quotes from professionals. This way, you have more options to choose the best mover for your unique moving project. 

Let’s talk about the Pick-Up and Delivery on Agreed Dates

Of course, moving involves responsibilities from your side, as a customer, and from the companies. Choose an approximate date when the shipment has to be picked up and delivered. And your mover’s responsibility is to tell you if the pick-up and delivery can or cannot be done. 

Flexibility is the best trait you can have when moving. I know many cases when the desired moving date was not available for your movers. And yes, sometimes, you might need to change your moving dates. I advise you to be very specific about the dates or periods you want your belongings picked up and delivered. I know for sure anything vague like “I don’t know, the sooner, the better” won’t work. 

What do you know about contracts when moving from Toronto to Moncton or other cities in NB?

I want to tell you that after you sign the contract – it is a legal document between the movers and you. This contract assures that once your possessions are loaded, the mover must provide all the services assigned in your bill of lading. I want you to keep in mind; there is a term called “defense of force majeure.” It is a term that protects your mover from being held responsible if any damage has occurred under unpredictable and uncontrollable circumstances. It is the only acceptable reason for a company not doing its job in time.

You do know that valuation coverage doesn’t cover everything, right? 

Your research is critical! The first thing you have to know about valuation coverage is that it is not equal to moving insurance. I know that they are simply not the same. It’s essential to learn about what exactly covers your valuation coverage and what exactly it doesn’t. My advice is to ask your movers what is insured and what is not.

Professional moving companies at Camovers will cope with any difficulties!

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Don’t forget to find out about your homeowners’ policy

I recommend you ask for specific details about your homeowners’ policy. Maybe there is no need to spend your money on extra moving insurance. And it is true, your homeowners’ insurance doesn’t cover all of your belongings while they are in transit. This policy ensures your goods only while they are located inside your house.

Think about acquiring additional moving insurance

As I mentioned above, your valuation coverage and your homeowners’ policy do not cover all your goods while they are in transit. It is a good reason for you to consider buying additional moving insurance. Moving to a new home is a serious step and more so if you move valuable items. I recommend you to ask your mover about the additional insurance they have for your specific relocation project. You do know that moving insurance in this scenario will guarantee a higher level of safety and coverage for your belongings. 

Good news! If you plan on storing your items, moving insurance policies can cover your items for up to 90 days. Once again, it is best to contact your movers and ask them directly about all the concerns you might have.

Take photos of all belongings before moving Toronto to Moncton

We live in an era full of new technologies. Taking pictures is much easier today than it has ever been before. I advise you to take photos of all the belongings you are moving before the moving company arrives. With our professional and experienced movers, you can be assured that your belongings will be loaded and unloaded with utmost care.

Here I have for you some last-minute moving hacks?

It’s great to have all the time in the world and all the necessary supplies on hand when packing for your move. But we know the truth – life is unpredictable. So here are some ideas for unexpected or last-minute moves.

  • First of all, I advise you to start with logistics.

Work out a plan on how exactly you’re going to get from Toronto to Moncton. Choose your route.

  • Second, I offer to pack now and sort later. 

If you haven’t had the opportunity to pack beforehand, act quickly! Even if fast, you should still do it thoughtfully. Please, pay attention to the way you pack your valuables and breakables. The rest of your items will be fine with just proper packing. If you don’t have time for labeling, just mark the fragile boxes only.  

  • Third, leave some tasks to the movers.

At Camovers, we have only professional moving companies. You can always leave some work to your moving company. It’s lovely to request packing services, for instance. Just be ready to pay extra and give your movers spare time.

I want to share fantastic unpacking tips when moving from Toronto to Moncton or any other direction

Once you arrive in Moncton, I want to say: “Congratulations!”. You know there’s still work to be done, right? To get it done as quickly as possible, here’s what I have to share with you.

  1. Start with the kitchen.
    Honestly, the kitchen is the hardest one to get done, so start with it. You will feel a sense of accomplishment right from the beginning. And let’s be honest, who enjoys eating while standing and surrounded by boxes? Exactly. 
  2. Give yourself a deadline.
    I do it all the time! It might cause you some stress and anxiety. But you will do your job much quicker if you have a deadline. Make it realistic, like, for example, plan a housewarming party in a couple of weeks from when you arrive. It will keep you organized.
  3. Please don’t stop the music!
    Anything is done better and with more considerable pleasure when you have a good tune to accompany you. Instead of the TV, which will only distract you, I recommend choosing some music you enjoy and get into a party mood.
  4. Take it easy.
    Yes, previously I said about deadlines and about quickly doing your unpacking. I just want you to think of your health. Don’t stress yourself too much trying to have it all done instantly. Do it step by step. Start on the bigger things and gradually work down to the smaller ones. You will have it all unpacked; approach it with a cool head.
  5. Give yourself no choice.
    Sometimes I have difficulties forcing myself to get things done. If you are the same person, just dump a box full of things right on your bed. You will either sleep on the floor or be practical and clear out your space.
  6. Get rid of your empty boxes.
    The moment one of your boxes is emptied, DESTROY IT! I mean, break it down and recycle it. It saves space; it shows your progress, perfect!
  7. Plan your food and thank the delivery man.
    We have to get real: cooking is the last thing you want to do when you have a whole household to unpack. Today I can order any type of food at any hour, and it will be delivered right to your door. I believe you have the same in your city. So don’t feel guilty to eat than takeout!

Don’t worry; it’s not easy for anyone. My best hacks should make your moving a tad bit easier, and maybe you will see that things aren’t as bad after all, eh?

You should work out the Weight of your Shipment

I will help you with the basics when moving from Toronto to Moncton. You should know that there are minimal charges for any shipment. Usually, the minimum weight is 1,000 pounds (454 kilograms). Sometimes, the cost is based on the importance of your items, and if they weigh less than 1,000 pounds, you will be charged accordingly. 

But be sure to discuss it with your movers. 

Let me tell you the better ways to pack dishes

Here are my best tips when packing breakable dishes:

  • Stack and wrap plates in bundles up to four and bowls in piles up to three. Keep in mind that china should be wrapped separately before bundling.
  • Your glasses and mugs should be wrapped individually.
  • Wrap the stem of a wine glass with some folded paper before wrapping it with packing paper.
  • Teapots and other items with lids should be wrapped in paper first and then with a packing paper layer.
  • Start packing the heaviest dishes at the bottom of the dish pack. Separate the layers of plates with cardboard and use cell packs for fragile and breakable things.

Usually, large and flat dishes should be the lowest layer in your dish pack. From here, you start building layers of bowls and plates. Between each layer should be some cushioning material to protect from breaking, and don’t forget to wrap each dish individually. My favorite is the newspaper! It always comes in handy. You can wrap bundles of up to three bowls in newspaper and also fill the space with newspaper to again cushion your dishes. When I pack – the smaller pots go on the top, like building a pyramid or a cube. Don’t be afraid to cushion, it will save your dishes before they arrive at your new home.

Benefits of moving from Toronto to Moncton or other city in Canada

At Camovers, we specialize in performing a wide range of moving services, including hassle-free local moves, professional cross-border moving, and the top-rated cross-province moves in Toronto, Moncton other Canadian cities. Our streamlined services are available in Ontario and across Canada, so don’t hesitate to contact us whether you’re moving from your home near Toronto City Hall or need us to relocate your items to your new residence near Centennial Park (Moncton).

Contact Camovers now and enjoy a hassle-free relocation.

Professional moving companies at Camovers will cope with any difficulties!

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