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Long-distance moving is challenging. With many tasks to complete and risks to consider, it may be difficult to plan everything to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. 

At CAmovers, we know the industry inside-out. That’s why we host a database of qualified carriers and movers from Toronto to Montreal to help you choose the best one among many moving companies. 

Plan your Toronto to Montreal moving according to your budget & needs. We are here to offer you different moving service options to meet your requirements.

Moving from Toronto to Montreal is simple with our moving services

Take advantage of comprehensive moving services when relocating from Toronto to Montreal. Select between many options and the best moving companies. Enjoy an accurate estimate, and save your moving costs!

Commercial moving

Commercial Montreal moving is among the hardest ones. But, with the professional moving companies we cooperate with, you can safely transport all your equipment, furniture, and documents to a new building in Montreal.


Avoid risks and mistakes by hiring a responsible moving company from Toronto to Montreal. Our long-distance movers are skilled and experienced to handle any kind of move even to difficult-to-access areas. GPS tracking included.

Car shipping in Toronto

Transport your vehicle safely from Toronto to Montreal with our car shipping services. Enjoy reliable vehicle transportation with insurance & well-maintained modern trucks. Let the professionals do the work to make your move easier.

Warehouse storage

Keep part of your belongings during long-distance moving in secure and climate-controlled facilities with reliable storage services across Canada. You can enjoy both short- and long-term storage at reasonable moving costs with our partners.

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Partner with seasoned moving companies Toronto to Montreal

The safety of your items and boxes is a top priority during a move from Toronto to Monreal. That’s why it is critical to work with reputable and professional movers only to minimise the risks.

At CAmovers, we provide regular screening and check every moving service we cooperate with to guarantee you hire a responsible company and pay a reasonable price for relocation.

The movers we connect you with will: 

  • Offer upfront and transparent moving costs;
  • Meet the limits of your budget; 
  • Have high customer satisfaction rates;
  • Load and transport your items with care;
  • Meet the agreed-upon schedule;
  • Successfully pass our screening;

Contact us and describe your moving type & size to get a custom offer to meet your requirements and preferences. 

Moving Toronto to Montreal in easy steps

1. Fill the moving form

The first step when planning your relocation is to fill out an online form to get a moving quote. Provide us with the details about your specific moving needs

2. Get an estimate

Once we receive your information, our consultant will contact you ASAP to send you the moving costs calculation and the list of available options you can choose from.

3. Choose the best offer

Check out the list of available movers and decide which offer perfectly suits your budget and requirements. Once done, hire the best movers and services for your relocation.

4. Schedule a moving day

Talk to your company and schedule a specific date when you would like to start your move. Choose the day when you can be 100% at home.

5. Packing and loading

Our movers will arrive at your house to help you pack and load all your belongings into the truck. If necessary, you can also ask for packing supplies in advance.

6. Finish

Upon arrival, our movers will place your boxes and items in your new home. Check that everything was delivered safe and sound and pay for the service.

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Veterans of the industry

Our team is true moving experts with a deep background and knowledge within the relocation industry.

Budget-friendly solutions

We provide free estimates and offer moving options that stay within the limits of your budget and are reasonably priced. 

Prompt & timely

Our service providers are responsible and punctual, so all arrangements will be completed in a timely manner.

Detailed database

The database of moving companies we host contains the best teams and services you can hire across Canada.

No-obligation estimates

The moving quote you receive from us after filling out the form does not require any costs or signatures.

Locally sourced

We hire moving companies locally to make the process faster and more efficient and reduce moving costs for you.

Always here for you

Our customer support service is always for you. Ask your questions, and our consultant will contact you timely.

Easy to use

We do our best to provide you with an intuitive and user-friendly service when communicating and organising your move on long distances.

Great track record

Every company and team we cooperate with is an experienced service provider with many successful moves completed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I save money on long-distance moves from Toronto to Montreal?

There are several ways you can reduce the cost of moving from Toronto to Montreal. Some of the most effective tips include:

  • Do part of the work yourself. You can exclude some long-distance moving services. For example, you can get the necessary materials, pack your belongings, disassemble some furniture items, and transport some of the boxes yourself while preparing Montreal moving.
  • Consider moving from Toronto to Montreal during the low season (from late September to April). During high season (often late spring or summer), carriers have more orders, which means fewer trucks and crews available, so you may need to pay more.
  • Look for moving companies from Toronto in advance. It is best to contact the company a few weeks (4-6) earlier as booking closer to your moving date may be more expensive.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask long-distance moving companies about possible discounts and special offers.

Contact CAmover to get a free quote and pay a fair price when moving from Toronto to Montreal.

How long does it take to move from Toronto to Montreal?

The driving distance when moving from Toronto to Montreal is around 545 kilometres. This means that such long-distance moves can be completed in a day or two sometimes because there are a number of factors that can affect travel time when moving to Toronto or Montreal. Such factors may include:

  • worsening weather conditions;
  • traffic jams;
  • repair work on some highways;
  • a large number of belongings that need to be transported;
  • sudden changes in your plans;
  • unpredictable stops while driving.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel my long-distance move from Montreal or Toronto?

In the case Montreal moving doesn’t go as planned, you need to contact your company as quickly as possible to find a common solution to the problem.

The key factor to consider here is that if you notify the company of changes in the moving process less than 7 days before the moving date, your deposit will be retained by the mover. At the same time, if you inform the company about the postponement or cancellation of the move earlier, then only 50% of your deposit will be retained by the mover.

Are my items protected by insurance when moving from Toronto to Montreal?

Yes, we offer two types of insurance you can enjoy when moving from Montreal or Toronto:

Basic Liability Coverage. It’s free and provides minimal protection for your items. The insurance amount is calculated by multiplying the weight of your damaged item by $0.60.

Extended Liability Coverage. The cost of this option is 3% of the total weight of your belongings. Compensation is $2 per pound per damaged or lost item.

Hire professionals for long-distance moves to ensure your belongings are protected throughout the entire process of relocating from Montreal to Toronto & vice versa.