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Choosing the right car shipping service can make all the difference

Established in 2003, Camovers is a respected firm that specializes in introducing residential and commercial clients who are planning a relocation to reputable vehicle transportation companies that can meet their needs at an affordable price. All of the businesses in our database have been meticulously selected for their excellent track records, modern equipment, and dedication to ensuring client satisfaction. We facilitate moves both within Canada and cross-border, and readily go out of our way to help create custom solutions where needed.

Why look for auto transportation companies in Canada through us?

We aren't exaggerating when we say we're firmly in our customers' corner. We'll not only find a relocation specialist that meets your specifications and budget, but also provide a slew of other benefits, including:

Rigorous quality control

We work exclusively with short- and long-distance car shipping services that can pass our strict vetting process and quarterly background checks.

Speed & convenience

We value our clients' time. It only takes a minute to complete our intuitive online form and have us provide you with a list of quotes that meet your needs.

Variety of choices

You will be able to compare many different movers and find the one that offers the exact services you need at a price you're comfortable with.

Extensive experience

We've been a part of Canada's moving industry for over 15 years. This gives us a deep understanding of our customers' needs and how to meet them.

Discounts & specials

All auto shipping companies we recommend are known for fairly pricing their services, offering frequent discounts, and treating their clients with care and respect.

Many 5-star reviews

You don't have to take our word for it. All of the businesses we team up with have performed many successful jobs in the past and are highly rated.

Shipping your car across Canada & beyond has never been easier

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We’ll help you make your move as stress-free as possible

Whether you’re moving short- or long-distance, it really pays to make sure your vehicle transportation service is able to deliver on its promises. By maintaining a detailed database of moving firms in Canada, Camovers is fully equipped to help you do just that. We warrant the experts we connect you with will:

  • Handle your belongings with maximum care
  • Abide by the agreed-upon schedule & budget
  • Be upfront in their pricing & communications
  • Have numerous positive reviews & happy clients
  • Treat you with utmost courtesy & attentiveness
Why choose Camovers?
Affordable & convenient
Quality car shipping companies

Highly knowledgeable

We have a team of seasoned specialists who know the relocation industry like the backs of their hands.

Transparent pricing

Our partners within the industry use upfront pricing with no hidden fees or other unwelcome surprises.

Never late

Every relocation vendor we work with must be mindful of their clients’ time and always stick to schedule.

In-depth database

Our extensive database contains hundreds of trusted auto transportation companies across Canada.

Free estimates

We’ll provide you with a list of precise, no-strings-attached quotes from a selection of respected vendors.

Supporting local firms

All of the auto shipping services we’re partnered with are based in Canada and employ local workers.

Always available

We have dedicated support personnel who can assist you with any questions or dilemmas you may have.

Fast & user-friendly

You can easily ask questions or request a quote via our modern and intuitive online booking system.


We only recommend businesses that have an admirable track record and a long list of loyal clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ship a car from Canada?

Absolutely. To obtain a list of long-distance auto shipping companies that offer this service across Canada, fill out our online form or reach out to us directly via phone so that we may provide you with a list of quotes from reputable firms that meet your requirements.

Can you ship a car with stuff in the trunk?

It’s possible to have some things in the trunk if the car is being shipped via truck. However, some areas only allow tires to be transported in this way, while in other areas no personal belongings whatsoever are allowed in the automobile. To be safe, you should ask your auto shipping service in Canada what their policy is regarding private items.

How do you tie down a car when shipping across Canada?

With tire straps. As their name implies, these straps are placed over the tires to prevent the automobile from moving during transit. In older trailers, however, the movers may have to use special shackles to fasten the car’s frame to the trailer.

How long does it take to ship a car?

This depends entirely on how far your destination is from your starting point. The best way to get a reliable time frame is to contact your preferred short or long-distance vehicle shipping company and consult with their staff directly.

How do I find a good short & long-distance car transportation service in Canada?

Here at Camovers, we use our comprehensive industry experience to create and maintain a list of the most trusted auto shipping companies in the country. This allows us to quickly match our customers with the ideal relocation vendor whose offering fits their needs and budget. Aside from car shipping, we can also bring you:

Whether you’re moving from Toronto to Scarborough, relocating all the way to the other end of the country, or even crossing the border, you can depend on us to introduce you to the right professionals. Call our office or fill out our form today.