When is the Best Time of Year to Move?

What are the best months to move
What are the best months to move

From decluttering your closets and packing boxes to hiring movers, selecting your relocation date might fall down to the bottom of your priorities. However, it’s the one significant detail that can make all the difference in various aspects of the entire process.

While taking time to carefully select your long distance moving company is essential, considering the best time to do it is equally important. Take a look at the different options and what benefits or disadvantages they can bring you.

What are the best months to move?

When it comes to the cost, choosing any time between late September and April allows you to cut down on the expenses. This is the period when the demand for professional movers slows down and the rates are low. 

According to professionals, the busiest seasons are spring and summer because families with children tend to avoid relocating during the school year, plus it’s easier to do it when the weather’s fine.

However, since cost is probably not the only factor that affects your decision, here’s a short overview based on the four seasons, so you can choose the period that best matches your needs:

  • Fall: It’s an off-season, so you can get a better deal, and the weather conditions are great.
  • Winter: The demand is lowest, so companies’ schedules are more flexible and it’s the cheapest season to relocate. However, it’s not a perfect period to move with children. 
  • Spring: The demand is still light, but the weather isn’t as harsh as in winter. 
  • Summer: The season with the highest demand, so it’s perfect in case you’ve put up your home for sale. It’s also convenient if you have children, since there’s no school.  

Best week

Professionals suggest going for a mid-month relocation. Demand is typically lowest during that time of month, so the cost is lower and the schedule is more flexible. Generally, the first day of the month tends to be busiest because most leases start then.

Best days of the week

Choosing any weekday from Monday to Thursday is definitely the best option due to low demand. On the other hand, Saturdays and Sundays can increase the cost, especially during the busiest season. If you have the flexibility to skip a day at work and relocate during the week, there’s also the benefit of having the entire weekend free to unpack and organize your new home before the beginning of the following work week. 

Best time of day

Whether you’re hiring pros or handling everything on your own, starting early is the best way to do it. Professionals will typically arrive within the 8 to 10 a.m. frame, since they also prefer early mornings with cooler conditions during the warmer months. 

Moreover, you’ll have more enthusiasm and energy in the morning and more time to unpack when your stuff reaches your new home. 

What’s the most reliable long distance moving company in Toronto?

When you’re making a plan for your relocation process, there are many things to consider, from the time it takes to pack up everything and when to start organizing your venture, to understanding what to do when your movers arrive. Fortunately, Camovers is the team you can trust, and we’ll go above and beyond to connect you with the skillful and reliable professionals who can meet your needs and specific requirements whether you’re relocating cross city or cross country. 

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